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Do I have to wear a hat to get ahead?...

Just spotted that of the top 20 blogs today (10th October, 2013), 8 places are populated by blokes wearing hats.Am I making a fashion faux pas? Am I out of date, or are they living in the past? Is…Continue

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Started Oct 10, 2013

How many of you using Skype to interview?
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In the UK it's still a rarity (don't ask me why - conservatism perhaps), but I get the impression it's more common in the US, particularly because of the geography involved. I find it an excellent…Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by Martin Ellis Dec 14, 2012.

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"Passionate"? - Don't make me laugh!

OK. I admit it. I used to think "passionate" was a good CV or resume word. It conveys more than "hard-working" or "diligent" and adds "caring" and emotion. If you're passionate about something, you're fully absorbed, engaged and enthusiastic. I can remember when, if I saw it on somebody's CV, it added…


Posted on December 19, 2013 at 7:00am — 11 Comments

WARNING: LinkedIn Candidate Fatigue Approaching...

Let's be honest with ourselves. All recruiters are using LinkedIn - whether they admit it or not. They won't be using it as the only search tool - or at least I hope they're not!

And when I say "all recruiters", I don't mean…


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Who, EXACTLY, is in charge around here?...

My previous post about the right number of interviews received a lot comments - some from people saying I should add an extra interview to allow for interviews for subordinates to help select their…


Posted on October 28, 2013 at 6:50am — 6 Comments

How many interviews is enough?...

I’ve been stimulated by something I read earlier: – “Up to a few years ago, Google would have employees go through a 12 – 14 meeting process. This would result in dreadfully long staffing cycles, loss of top talent to competing internet companies and overall inefficiency when attempting to recruit…


Posted on October 21, 2013 at 8:00am

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At 9:05am on March 7, 2014, PAUL FOREL said…

Thanks, Martin! I appreciate your thoughts.

I need to make a dent in the call list before the day runs out so I will see you later.

Thanks again, I appreciate your sending me those blog sites, also.


At 6:54pm on March 6, 2014, PAUL FOREL said…


Anywhere else and I would expect that but at an HR site, where presumably a certain number of people are in the business of HR partly because of their own ability to size people up, it seems strange when someone says I am inventing this.

Remember, perhaps, the old story of "Old Man Willis" who used to come out and interview people who would come to the door, wanting a job. He'd look them in the eye and would know if they were a truthful, honest, hard working person or not.

Back then, this characterization did not throw people. But if I suggest I can do the same -in this era of HR people (especially young people) who are clueless in the domain of human assessment (thus the need for the 'red grapes, green grapes' psychological tests), they freak out and suggest I am saying I have super powers.

In one case, all I said was that I could see the person was a friendly person type. She had a big smile on her face, it was easy to see she has no agendas and in fact it is possible to see she is perhaps a little too open and as her own blog described, she likes to waste her time talking to too many people.

She actually said she did not see how I can tell from her picture (at her blog) that she is a friendly person type!!

Look at that picture of the woman in Houston who wears that 'Cabaret' jacket and her hat cocked slightly back with a 'blank you' look on her face.

And, her own posts/comments show she is free with her criticism and smart-aleckness.

Would I be accused of being a witch if I pointed out she carries a chip on her shoulder and is a bit or more than a bit arrogant as she herself assesses us?

Anyway, my point is my question: why are people here and at ERE, of all places, so quick to question my assertion I can read people like a book when, after all, this is the place for people who are supposed to be able to read people?


I would have thought they'd show more interest or at the least, nod their head in understanding.

(Hah, the time I was taken to an investor meeting being held by two 'professionals' who were dressed quite well, looked quite affluent and were well-spoken but to my eye were clearly crooks.

I marveled how an entire room of affluent people were hanging onto every word.

When asked for my opinion, my response to my associate was to let her know that (even if she did not see it) these two birds were con artists. She even came to me at one point, letting me know an investor group was trying to decide whether or not throw in with these two guys and she wanted my input.

About six months later, the company, an MLM (LOL!) crashed.

Fund America, if you want to look it up.

So, anyway, I'm still wondering why HR people are so struck when I say I can read people like a book.

I've known for some time too many corporate HR interviewers have no clue but this reaction by people in the recruitment business, of all things, really makes me wonder how they know who to refer to their clients....

Take Care,


At 6:39pm on March 6, 2014, PAUL FOREL said…


Thanks for your input regarding a 'donation' button. I'm glad to hear your side of this.

As for not trying to please, well, as you said....

In fact, almost every 'connect' invite I receive at LI is from someone who saw me toss something back in someone's face.

I saw how Mitch had some snarky remarks at his blog and I also notice how one of the so-called 'top ten' HR bloggers, a woman, uses profanity freely at hers.

Unfortunately, so far, my commentary has been in response to something said vs. 'new ideas'. But perhaps that is because I've not yet been in a situation where I could invent my own topics. I need to work on this so I am not constantly following others but am taking up my own topics and elaborating on them.

A 'blog' I guess it is by Liz Ryan at LI today talks about the distinctions that make up the recruitment business but it seems she is, as I said back to her, using the wrong platform since all that happened was that a long line of headhunters nodded their heads and told their own stories.

In fact, I notice that no matter what position someone takes, what occurs is that a long line of people show up to nod and agree and tell their own stories. That seems to be a consistency to blogs.

The thing is, her blog did not enlighten anyone since she was, apparently, talking to people who already know whereof she speaks.

Only a few contributors showed up, lamenting that the blog might explain why they are not getting job offers/being offered headhunter services.

Anyway, I can see this is a free-for-all situation and I need to either make sense of all this or as you say, simply strike out on my own and see where it leads.

People like controversy and they like the opportunity to say, 'me, too'.

Maybe that is the formula although it was/is my intention to teach and enlighten, not be a platform for a bunch of people to nod, smile and fist bump.

More research.

Thanks again, Martin.

I notice Matt at

has declined to say anything more...I don't think he likes me (LOL), you can tell from how his post 'sounds' he is anxious to tell me off.

Oh, here is something strange...

As I mentioned, my Intuitive skills are what I call, off the chart. I can read people and understand their character and other things about them just from even a glance.

I also have a touch of what must be ESP since on occasion -believe it or not- when I handshake with someone, I get a visual that tells me something hidden about the person and on one occasion, I suddenly knew something about future events that were going to happen with that person.

The handshake stuff we can leave aside but what I wanted to comment on was that I am a bit of an expert on looking at people -even just a picture- and can 'know' something(s) about them that is not normally something you can pick up about a person just from looking at them.

Either I'm a latent psychic (as some people insist on labeling me) or this is something I developed out of a survival need growing up with a lunatic mother who would be explosive in nature each day. Yes, each day. Explosive for hours. All the years I grew up at home.

Anyway, it has been, obviously, very helpful in sizing up situations and sizing up people I'm to interview or otherwise assess.

Now, my point here (sorry) is that when I mention here at Recruiting Blogs or as I have done at ERE, my ability to size people up from only a glance, I am accused of suggesting I have supernatural abilities.

Any where else and I would expect that but at an HR site, where presumably a certain number of people are in the business of HR partly because of their own ability to size people up, it seems strange when someone says I am inventing this.


At 12:37pm on March 6, 2014, PAUL FOREL said…

LOL, Sorry, Martin, it only just now occurred to me to let you know my intentions.

I think that is because I see now we are like-minded so realizing this, it then occurred to me to throw my cards down on the table so, frankly, you could advise me if you are so inclined.

I checked out the Mitch site, briefly. I will go back and study his model/format.

I bookmarked the Sausage site, also and will check it out, too.

Yes, I was told about WordPress but have not yet looked it over. I will get to it, thanks.

As well as yours, too.

Now, here is a question if you are inclined-

I was told it is absolutely necessary to have a PAYPAL button at my blog site so people can contribute.

When I said this is a very distasteful thought and is quite offensive, she replied that only if I have such a device will I be taken seriously.


Whenever you have time, I need to run and will be back on the machine later today.

Thank you again, Martin. I appreciate your input.

At 11:19am on March 6, 2014, PAUL FOREL said…

Thanks for taking the time, Martin.

I will check out the Mitch site, thanks very much.

I will tell you my secret:

I have been considering a cable TV show for some time; about Employment.

I have it loosely formed in my mind what the format would look like.

When I brought this up, it was suggested I start by blogging.

To start blogging, I need to know what that is and how it shows up.

So I have been coming here to see how blogs look (mediocre) and am checking out other blogger sites to see how I might want to set up my own.

So that is why I am here, really. Not to learn anything about my recruitment business since I believe I know as much and more about executive search/employment, etc. than most anyone except you, of course.

But I want to see how these people are blogging, what blogs look like, etc.

So being here is really research.

Reading the 'blogs' at LI is research, too.

So that is my actual agenda.

I am getting the feeling I am stepping on toes here, especially for those who probably feel they have staked out a territory and standing here and are not liking my 'controversial' approach.

C'est Dommage. Oh, wait, I can do better: Hard Cheese. Right? LOL!

Anyway, thanks for the referral and any other bloggers you feel are quality, please let me know so I can take all their best ideas and incorporate them into my website down the road.

Just kidding. Sort of.

You know, I have been getting invites to connect at LinkedIn by people who like my direct style and when I "call it like it is".

I hope that will work when I start up my own site.

Thank you again,



At 10:32am on March 6, 2014, PAUL FOREL said…

Hello, Martin!

I am getting a feel for this place and I can see that not only are many of the 'recruiters' here way junior to me in terms of depth of experience, they also lack certain basic recruitment skills that were taught me long ago. They seem to not know the very basics of executive search.

Too much emphasis on Internet bells and whistle and not enough emphasis on being able to read people and know how to recruit without having a remote control.

For example, I am privy to a retained search being conducted for a firm needing a physician for one of its hospitals.

The retained search is using a publicly available data base, social media for hanging their banner and mass communications which in the old days used to be referred to as Direct Mail.

It has been almost ninety days and they have forwarded no recruits since no one [qualified] has responded to their advertising.

In the meantime, they have not spoken with a single physician at all the local hospitals in proximity to the client's hospital.

I happen to know of at least two such physicians who could be recruited but no one at the retained search firm has bothered to speak with them in favor of running ads.

In other words, they have not even bothered to pick up the phone in the course of their search.

Oh, and someone posted a while back she likes to open all email that comes to her, even if it wastes her time.

She then described a series of conversations that followed where it was clear from the start there was no reasonable cause for her to be in the conversations.

Then she posted all this, asking for an opinion.

When I suggested she needs to manage her time better, she was offended.

So, you can see, I'm making friends here. LOL!

If you want to really laugh, check out this shallow post by someone at LI:

Not only is it incredibly shallow for an 'Influencer', you ought to see the number of people who are responding by saying what a great post it is!

I'm getting more 'connect' invitations just by calling the guy on his lack of depth.

What is with people like this, Martin? Here is a guy who has real experience and he posts guidelines that are fit for a high school graduate.

If I had not seen this with my own eyes I'd not believe it.

Be Well,


At 11:18am on December 5, 2012, Sylvester Simon Pascal said…

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