I need some good info for a friend on www.bountyjobs.com


Does anyone have experience with this site? 

Is it a good place for NEW recruiters to use to get started or if leaving a current company and they have some experience? 

Are the jobs on this site real? 

Is there any one with experience working with bountyjobs actually making a placement?  If yes, how does it work?

Could a recruiter survive only using this site as their way of getting work?


Thanks for any help you can give regarding www.bountyjobs.com.

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If you do a search of topics on RBC you will find years of posts about bounty jobs.

Hi Cora Mae


This is Mike - I'm CEO of BountyJobs and the person behind the changes in the company/team 2 years ago. As Sandra says, you can find lots of comments about BountyJobs both before the changes & after.


If you'd like someone here at BountyJobs to explain how we work, or would like to talk to 2-3 agencies that are using us please reply to me offline. I'd be happy to help. Some answers to your questions:


BountyJobs is a great place to supplement your biz dev efforts, but very few headhunters make it their only source for jobs. The typical experience (for an agency that has a niche or two, is genuinely good at what they do, and takes the time to learn how to work the marketplace) is adding 20-40%/year to your billings. It's a new way of doing biz dev and requires adjustments that many agencies do not want to make (ie there are no exclusives on BountyJobs and the fees - which average 20% - are set by the employers), but those that like it usually find a handful of reliable new F500 companies that consistently have openings.


That said, BountyJobs is honestly not a great place if you are new to recruiting. It takes time to learn how to compete in an open marketplace where employers have choices, and it takes time to separate the employers that respond well & quickly from those that don't. Employers also engage agencies based on track record stats like interview rates and placements in industry, so it's hard to compete with those that have used a few months to build that track record. We have a screening process that only admits seasoned agencies that fit a specialization employers are looking for. However, if you are seasoned, have a good niche or two, and are leaving a big firm to go on your own, you will probably do well. We have a team of account managers that can help.


The jobs are real. You will get comments on this site that will float theories that they are not: use your judgement when separating fact from opinion. BountyJobs only makes money by taking 25% of the fee when a headhunter fills a job, and, since we were named to the Inc 500 this year and have F500 companies in every industry regularly posting jobs, there are hundreds of agencies filling real jobs at a good clip. When you join, we agree to protect your candidates and your data, nonetheless you will hear and read conspiracy theories to the contrary. 


Let me know if or anyone here can help!


Thanks for popping up Mike - I just emailed Cora your contact information before seeing your post. Continued success in 2012.

I wasn't a fan of it.  I have tried it a couple of times and recruited and presented good candidates.  Every time that I tried it I would never get any feedback on candidates that I presented.  I like the model and think it's a good idea, however it's only as good as the people that are posting jobs on it.  Just my opinion.  

Our firm use Bounty jobs for extra incomes and it worked for us.

Thanks everyone.  My friend read everything last night and truly appreciates your comments.



I personally have loved working with Bounty.  They have been 100% involved in making me successful, as well as, making sure I have all the right tools. Each individual that I have spoken with has gone above and beyond to assist me in my pursuit to become an independent recruiter.  I absolutely love the idea behind Bounty in that all the work is done for you.  For a recruiter this is a dream come true, because that is all they are asking you to do is...RECRUIT!!  I just can't say enough good things about this company!!

I have used bountyjobs since 2007 as an extra income supplement and love it though there are some ups and downs just like in RECRUITING.


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