If every company has an internal recruitment team, how will consultancies play their role and how will they survive?

Well, I sometimes think that Now a days every small, large or medium size for that sake, companies, when we call them for recruitment services, they say.."We have our internal recruitment team and they source candidates for us, we don't want vendors".

As recruitment is one of the most important and sensitive part of Human resources. It is not each an every HR person will be great in doing it. And also its a fact that HR people are very busy people in the entire organisation. And again in there hectic schedule to add recruitment, makes them more crazy. Wherein other side a Recruitment consultant is only made for Recruitment job, and he knows that these is the job he will be doing every day and every hour, so he develops his own skills in it.

When each companies are developing their own internal recruitment team to work on the position, then where will be the number of recruitment companies will do. Will they change their own profile or will they get vanished?

Please Discuss.

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Again, my experience with 33 years on a desk starting in 1980 differs from Terrence's and Barbara's--I believe TPR recruiting has been under pressure since latter part of 2000 with different segments of recruiting being impacted at different intervals.

Candidates becoming increasingly visible on the Internet

Excellent TPR's going in-house seeing the handwriting on the wall

Offshore outsourcing continuing to decrease the numbers of "Breadwinner" jobs we work on

H1B insourcing draining jobs from US workers, and TPR's

Corporate "Depression" mentality believing their Corporate staff should be finding everyone they need as most are out looking for a job--true or untrue--with shrinking TPR fee budgeting allotment

The 3% jobs released to TPR's more being those purple squirrel two headed dinosaur jobs that often will ultimately be shown to be "time suckage"draining TPR time and resources, or demanding a TPR find candidates able to perform close to 100% of the job requirements holding out hiring till they do.  Explaining due to cut backs they have no training budget.

In Defense where I happen to specialize you have sequester and budget cuts with the DOD telling defense companies they have to reduce their cost per hire if they're being awarded any contracts in the first place, meaning reduced use of TPR's

But most importantly, as Amy Ala and others have expressed here, it doesn't matter how good a TPR is at recruiting.  They could be the Peyton Manning of Recruiting--perhaps the best there ever was.  But the Ravens didn't need Manning as they won with Joe Flacco.  Was Flacco as good as Manning?  No.  Was Flacco a good quarterback who got the job done?  Yes.

From what I hear from Sr VP's down to Managers in my marketing candidates and/or soliciting job orders from them, Corporate HR is Joe Flacco, getting the job done.

In the meantime....."Bill, Please email me your information in case we ever get to a point where we may want to ultilize you, you sound very knowledgeable about recruiting, we like your recruiting approach, and you happen to specialize in our area.  We'll keep you in mind, and may call you in the future."

I suggest you ignore Amy's and Tiffany's words at your business peril.

"Hi.  It's me again.  I know we just talked a few weeks ago - having finally caught you at your desk even though you've seen my number on caller ID 60 times before you decided to go ahead and answer -  and you confirmed there was no need to use my services then or in the future.....but I'm just calling again to make sure you don't need me."

Try a blocked number, Jerry.  Curiosity generally gets the better of them where they'll usually pick up the phone once.

I think that a company should use what works for them.

1) If they get good service from Internal Recruiters- STICK WITH THEM

2) If they need 1-2 very specialize/hard to fill people, or people RIGHT NOW- use a 3PR (Contingency or Retained)

3) If they plan a hiring ramp up then plan to level off, use a PT or FT Contract Recruiter, Sourcers, or an Offshore RPO.

I don't know what you you need 3-5 hires and you can't get them effectively with Internal, Sourcers, or RPO, and that many hires with a 3PR will be EXPENSIVE and not enough work  for a PT Contract Recruiter).


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