Yes. I have to admit my cell phone is one of those flip phone that make the little "click" when you open and close it. I still get charged to roam when I am in certain areas without a tower and I can't open up a picture file unless I pay about $5 each time I open one up. I'm only allowed 100 characters per text so my friends typically get about 8 texts from me at one time. I can't surf the web. I can't even check my email.

I want to know if I am missing out on something. I see friends interrupted during dinner by their buzzing phones and they are constantly looking at it. In fact, the cell phone seems to be the new centerpiece of a dinner table. Not mine of course. I keep mine hidden in my purse. Maybe someday I'll save up enough cash and spare time to venture to the other side.

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I love having the internet available to me for getting at information whenever you need it. The new phones are able to do lots of things that can replace other devices, such as: GPS, Video player, camcorder, camera, iPod, etc...
I'll recommend a Blackberry and Verizon account. As much as I can think of times when I wish I did not have it turned on - I can recall many more times before my BB that I really needed one and did not have it.

Anyone in our profession just MUST have a smart phone. And they all have an OFF button. Feel free to use it. (I do...)

Also - regarding Verizon - I spent last week in the middle of South Dakota. Nothing but cornfields surrounding us for miles. Other guys had AT&T, TMobile (I think) and Sprint. None of them had a connection - so mine ended up being the community phone. Some times I would lose the signal in the middle of an important call but not for long.

I can't imagine not having this thing.
I have, until July of this year, had a phone similar to yours. I was finally shamed into getting an iphone 3Gs. I absolutely love it. I have used the voice recorder to record some audio, which I have uploaded and sold at istockphoto. I use the notepad to keep lists, which makes me more organized. I play Scrabble, which helps my vocabulary (Can you name all the Q words that don't require a 'u'?), and this doesn't even cover how it has made my work life better.

When it comes to eating and dinner time. If I don't want to be bothered, I just put it on the charger, in the bedroom, and ignore it.
Yes you do.
.... and yes you are!
I use the cute little clickie phone thingee too. I have to drag myself kicking and screaming into the world of iPhones too. Then again, I had to drag myself into the world of video and discovered it's a great thing as well. Someday....
The benefit to having a Blackberry connected to my calendar, email, contacts, and notes is substantial. I, for one, can't imagine being able to respond to my clients and organize my time without being connected through my take anywhere device.

There's obviously not a lot of information in the post to understand your needs but I'd challenge you with different questions to ask: is your CLIENT missing out on something by not having you connected better? Could you save time, money or enhance your personal/business brand with a better connected device? Are you losing market share because of older technology? Do prospective clients see your competitors as offering more value because they are perceived as more up to date with their techonogy and therefore better able to serve?

Jump into the smart phone pool, it's nice and warm.

Steve Grisham/JOBFIN

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