In light of the current state of the US Employment market. I wanted to post a thought question to the community on whether or not there could be a need for Employers to utilize workers on a different scale ... So we have the following so far:

Fulltime (FTE)Workers Standard 40 hours a week
Contract Workers per hour based 1- 12 month contracts
Fulltime Contracts for your Not for Profit Health Provider market and Public Sector

The onDemand Worker requirement could look like this:( Possible onDemand Job Board)
We have a need for a onDemand ( Unix Admin example) Candidate from Mon - Thurs to start at 6pm - 12am ($25 - $50/hr - work out the margin for recruiters later).

And, on the onDemand Job Board an OnDemand Candidate Posting could look like available from Mon - thurs from 6pm - 12am Fri 6pm - 2am, Sat 1pm - 8pm ... etc ...

The Employer here is not shelling out a truck load for a contractor or FTE - but they have a budget for onDemand block work that needs to get done....

The onDemand Candidate could take on this project and possibly a Friday - Sunday OnDemand project somewhere else with another onDemand Employer ...

If I had the time I would explore this but too busy on other projects - perhaps someone with a Dev and recruitment background could look at this perhaps a new Job Board Venture.( more research first needed to establish feasibility ... )

Is there already a Job board like this or market or is this just still in new idea Dreamland .... Love to get your thoughts... Anything to help bring down the Un-Employment rate helps the Unemployed - helps the North American Marketplace... Helps us.

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In reading this I'm just not quite sure what you're asking about here.


Cheap contractors for tight clients?  Part time contracts?   

No I am talking about clients that don't have the budget to hire fulltime employee, or a contractor I am talking about a market where Employees will bring in workers after hours and on the weekends for certain block amount of hours.   If employees don't want to hire a fulltime candidate they can take on a onDemand candidate for specific hours...  The skilled unEmployed could now have a chance at working for more than one Employee while still looking for a fulltime Job ...  and I am not talking about doing a packing job at the Grocery Store...  but within the same industry in which the Unemployed worker has his experience in.
This is the same thing as short term temps. A dedicated professional temp job board might be an interesting idea but not sure how profitable it would since companies can call a temp firm like Kelley get a short term temp in a matter of hours at a small % hourly rate without anyone having to go on a board, gather profiles, drug test blah, blah. Using a temp firm all that is done , no question as to whom the temp works for.

Using am unemployed temp for even a week direct puts the employer in a position of being the last employer of record for purposes of unemployment, workers comp and other liability if they don't background or drug test, I think. Seems
Ike I have seen one called Shorterm gigs or something like that.
There is one called Savvy Assist that appears to do what you mention with a try it buy it twist.
Thanks Sandra .. It just seemed like a nifty idea if those services exist that could help with Employees providing more opportunities for folks not lucky enough to land fulltime or contract roles ...

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