I made a placement today that i want to talk about.  Normally , i don't, it's my job but once in a while one happens that is worth talking about..our loud.


The job:  A difficult IT Management spot specific to a sorftware that is in high demand among a relatively small verticle who use it.  The last one like this took me over six months to fill.


I started the search thinking i was going to have to pack a lunch, stay late, come early and would be enjoying the green green grass of summer before i filled it.  Went on linkedin, found a few candidates none of whom were interested.  Then up popped a "private profile".  I have never sent an inmail to any profile marked private but thought what the heck, why not.  Immediately got a  message and a resume back from the fellow.


Candidate was aprox 60, unemployed and had been doing a little consulting work since 2007 when he was laid off after 25 years with the same company.   Not exactly the most placeable profile but i liked him.  And he lives about 10 miles from the location of the postion and he has the technology and a lot of it.  We polished his resume, he wrote an addendum detailing his specific technolgy expertise and away we went.

January the 20th to be exact his resume was submitted.  He did a phone interview the next week, Flew into Atlanta last Friday for onsite.  As of 2:30 today my 60 year old, four year unemployed candiate with a private profile has accepted an offer that is  15K higher than he has ever made in his life.  He starts next Monday.

His comment to me made my day.  He said, "Sandra, you are not like most recruiters".

I responded, "Well i guess  that is a good thing, but what do you mean?."

He said:  "All of the recruiters i have talked to don't really seem to know much about the companies or the jobs they try to sell or they want to keep everything a secret and they don't like old guys who have been unemployed for several years, this is a great day for me and my family , Thank you."

I laughed and said:  "Well John, screw all those kids, feed em fish heads and send em down the road."

"Maybe when they get to be your age and mine they will know something, but seriously ,Thank YOU, it is a pleasure on my end to work with a candidate who is not playing games with money, makes time for interviews, presents in a positive manner and doesn't beat the drum of depression about age or employment status."  "And  a person who doesn't give a rip about the company policy regarding social media."


WE both laughed.  It will go down as one of the better moments in my career.


So it's a GREAT day in my neighboorhood, it's a SUPER Great Day in his neighborhood.  My client thinks i walk on water because i found him  fast and he was almost next door to where they needed him.

It was just one little "private profile" of an older guy who has been unemployed for 4 years.  So don't tell me it can't be done.  I'm thinkin'  this country is going back to work and i want to be a big part of getting us there. 

From what i am seeing with the last three placements i have made.  The young lions with all their social media profiles and personal brands are starting to get passed over for the quiet confidence of mature candidates who are not trying to dazzle anybody with their brillance or beating their gums about their "career path" or the benefits.  The climate is changing ,  companies are hiring but they aren't going to mess around with prima donnas. who are concerned about work life balance and whether they can play on facebook during the work day.

I like the way things feel in my neighborhood today.



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Hi Sandra,

Just got the chance to read this and all I can say is YEAH!!!  I work with Attorneys and that is all I hear is what about work life balance and will I still be able to bring in the 6 figure salary.  Sometimes old ( no pun intended) is new again.  Unfortunately we need to have the technology and some of the "kids" have been raised on it but we need candidates just like yours to bring some sanity back to the work place.

Thank you for sharing.


Thanks Theresa,

Reports are that my candidate is doing very well as this wild start up goes live in the next thirty days.  He remains an anchor in the storm.  And let's hear it for sanity.  The way things have been for the past month i think everybody is crazy but me and thee and sometimes i worry about me.  :)  If i had time.

I understand.  My law firms are taking forever to get back to me on candidates.  I work in a very specific law practice so when a firm ask for a candidate that has a Ph.D in biotech, excellent grades, good undergrad school and a top tier law school and tells me they are really in need of these people and in 2.5 weeks still has not gotten back with me on the resume it is frustrating.  I am contemplating going around the recruiting coordinator and talking with the partner and see what happens because nothing is happening now and the candidate is starting to lose interest.

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