LinkedIn makes everyone feel great with the 1% email....You've been made...

It's clever, I have to admit. It's generated a ton of activity online, specifically across the other big social  networks. So how did they hijack the trending threads?

Sending out of 10,000,000 (literally) emails telling you that you are a top viewed profile... 

I understand that it's marketing and it's clever but with all of the LinkedIn pricing issues in the news recently how do you feel that you are truly a number to them?

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Speaking from a Marketing perspective - I get what they were trying to do...but don't really understand the execution.  So I share how popular I am on LinkedIn with my social networks - hoping they'll feel jealous and want to be as popular? Not really a great way to advertise yourself - pitting friends against each other...and then when everyone gets one, it rings hollow and hurts the brand.  Great case study all around on how not to leverage your "power users" - which I'm guessing in this case means those with the most people linked to them...who would then of course have the most views of their linkedin profile.  

All I can tell you is that as. Moderator of a LinkedIn group with almost 10k members I have spent the last ten days hitting the "delete" buttom to get rid of the first wave of 1%ers, then the 5%ers, now I'm deleting the 10%ers. If it gets to top 20 and 30% groups I am writing one of my famous McCartt hate letters to the marketing idiot at LinkedIn who has managed to spam the Internet with meaningless crap. Way to go you mental midgets. Once you see one ,even a Fourth grader would notice they were all written alike...Hurray indeed. I feel like somebody just drove through my front yard throwing out flyers for ten cents off a subway sandwich between the hours of 3and4:00 AM on Sunday morning.

The whole of Internet marketing seems to be turning adults into eager children looking for a "gold star" please god, let Internet marketing grow up soon. At least Mad Men didn't wear tshirts with writing and pass out blue ribbons to 20 million people. Have we become so insecure that something like this silliness is believable or makes us feel good. Does anybody have any idea how big a pile of crap would be made by 20 million horse apples. Please don't tell anybody if you you are one of the apples,

Nice perspective...

Valentino Martinez said:

I am not sure that the email actually was targeting active users. Being that they hijacked Twitter and Facebook over the last 2 days trending on both networks they most likely achieved their goal. I am not a fan of it, but I guess it works.

Thanks Sandra ... Now I feel sad ... I made the 1% among 2 million elite Globally  .. Just about to plan a party and you've gone and  burst, no smashed, no demolished my bubble ... lol ... I still love you Sandra ...  Happy New Year ..!

Well now I am  unhappy!  I don't think I got that email.

Or maybe I did get it and unwittingly deleted it?

Either way, I feel left out of an exclusive club. 

I'm now thinking it only went to paying customers.  Can anyone confirm this? 


That would explain all kinds of things - and most likely prove the campaign to be fraudulent. 


I do not pay - and did not get any type of award.



Jerry I don't pay for the account and different folks got different percentiles. 1, 5, 10 etc.....

I never got the kudos either.....

Well there you have it.  The only explaination for me not getting one is clear:  I do not deserve one.

Not sure why you would not receive the email looks like a batch email process.

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