Hello Everyone!

This is my 1st posting!  WOOHOO!  :)

I have been reading posts on RBC for a number of weeks... learning and understanding the processes involved with client management and candidate management.  The information from RBC has been amazing as well as enlightening.  :)

My question is which industry would you suggest I focus my energies?

I have contacts in Health care, Accounting, Sales and Oil & Gas companies.  I would love to focus my energies to file CFO level positions at an Oil and Gas hospital, but I don't think that is realistic.  hahaha

Health care was going to be my focus because I have more contacts in that industry than the other ones, but I keep reading the placement process is extremely long and drawn out.  Maybe it should be a totally different industry.  I am not afraid to start fresh and develop a book of business from scratch.

Sales and Marketing has been my life for the last 15 years, specifically dialing for dollars. Picking up the phone and developing business will be fun... can't wait to get through the 1st 30 "NOT INTERESTED" people, so I can get to that hiring manager that is tired of the candidates HR continues to send and is ready for an outside solution. :)

My goal (crazy at it sounds) is to be a 3rd party recruiter based at home.  Not working for an agency will take more time and effort, but this isn't a whim and I'm determined to do the right things and develop a rewarding business for many, many years.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  

Thanks and enjoy your day!


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That's not a crazy goal at all. Many of us here at RBC have built that exact type of business and lifestyle, so it is very achievable.

Asking others where YOU should focus your energies is going to generate a lot of disparate responses. Start by inventorying your resources (your skill set, your contacts, your natural passion/interests) and that will begin to answer the question for you. You've already said that you're not afraid to start fresh so extending from that, be prepared to adapt and roll as you get started down a particular path. There was recently a thread you may have read about specialists vs generalists, and some great perspectives were given for each side. You also seem to be bringing the proper sales mentality so that will help you a lot.

Dave, I tried the links in your profile and came up dry. May want to re-check the formatting of those. Nice job on your first post and welcome. --Chris

Thanks for your feedback Chris. I've read that discussion a couple of times, which lead me to throw the question out to the group. The honesty of this community is a breath of fresh air. I'm interested in understanding the challenges of these industries, so I can determine the best road without spending all my time thinking instead of doing.

Even that is a very broad question when you consider that the healthcare industry (for example) is not a single homogeneous thing. I'm in a micro-niche of it and even there I have a lot of variability. Hate to keep dodging your question. What are the areas of h'care where you have the most contacts? Pharmaceuticals? Hospitals? Private practice clinicians? Clinical research organizations? Health IT? See what I mean? The answer to this will guide you toward an area where you can bring a comfort level and can speak the language. This will naturally build your credibility with stakeholders in that field (clients and candidates).

David Parkhouse said:

I'm interested in understanding the challenges of these industries, so I can determine the best road without spending all my time thinking instead of doing.

You are right... sometimes it's heard to see the forest for the trees. Especially entering a new career. My contacts in health care are mixed. I have a number of friends that are physicians, PAs, nurses as well as hospital CEO and CFO level contacts. Rounding out out with senior level management for ambulatory care centers and managed care hospital co.

It's a bit broad to me, but probably tiny compared to the whole industry. :)

Why pick a less complicated industry... I love a challenge. :)

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