Message I received from a LinkedIn user.... Really?

On 11/6/08 10:06 PM, [removed] wrote:
Hi add me,
My mail id is [removed]

Here's my reply to him (Note: I am having a bad day today....)
[Name removed],
As a courtesy, I am replying to you with a note, as opposed to archiving your message and forgetting about it.
If you want to connect with someone on LinkedIn, send them a connection invite, not an email saying "add me." That's rude!

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LOL come on, I thought that email was appropriate, I promise to NEVER do that again! Just kidding! Yeah it amazes me the lack or thought or common sense some people have.
Okay, maybe I over-reacted...

No, I still think it's rude :-p
Your linkedin ID may get blocked if you send a lot of invites to those people who don't know you. Than you can't even invite anybody if you know their email id.
Yeah, I usually delete those straight away.

People who are too lazy to go through a few mouse clicks to join your network are usually interested in using the network for their own purposes; there's no respect there. You wouldn't accept that behavior in-person from a guy at a conference, so why should you do it over the internet? The same social etiquette should apply here.

From what I've seen, people who have the decency to send me an invite are usually prone to reciprocating favors and less prone to me deleting them. You should be discrimininate, as your network reflects upon you.

For people who find random requests creepy, most networking sites allow you to send a message along with your request for friendship, as well. Personally, I like random encounters haha.

agree, that's totally rude .. why would you bother to connect with someone like that
That's a good one.
Yesterday I received one with the names
Private User
I replied back asking him why would I connect to a Private User.
The whole point of building a social network is to socialize with the network.
The I recommended he become less Private.

His reply back said he was under a Non-Compete and needed to stay stealth.

I arachived his request. And that is the first time I have EVER archived and Invite on LI with 12,500 connections that is saying something...

Jeff Weidner
And LinkedIn takes another step towards MySpace...
I agree with your response...perhaps they will learn how to be "social" on a social networking site!

On another note...Because I work for a large telecom, and have some contacts at other larger corporations, I get requests for third party intros from agencies, salespeople, and vendors. I usually decline to intro them unless they have personalized a note as to why they want to connect. I wouldn't want to risk my contact by acting as a gatekeeper for a sales lead.
Great response...

I almost always just archive those....when I'm feeling generous I do explain the archive. How do you invite someone to connect and expect that they should know why you would be so great to connect with.

I must confess to once asking a person why they trusted me.

While your complaining, how about an IDK from a recruter you HAVE introduced yourself to, have people you know in common, and kindly asked to archive if they weren't interested in connecting.

Saving the rest of my invites for people I meet in person or somewhere else virtually first.
Go Maha! :)

PS - can relate.. I do wonder what they are thinking sometimes.. hmm.
actually.. what I am most confused are those that invite me with the indication that we've done business together already.. hmm.. when did that happen LOL.. I don't recall..

Susan Kang Nam said:
Go Maha! :)

PS - can relate.. I do wonder what they are thinking sometimes.. hmm.

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