No ATS (yet)...lack of organization-Corporate Recruiters? Help.

Ok, I am loving the fact that I have taken a new step into Corporate Recruiting...the people in the HR Dept I work with? Awesome.

Issue is - I have no ATS and the new ATS system will not be implemented until June of this year.  So all I have until that time is Outlook.  In the HR Dept, I also so help with other projects which is not a big deal.  But before the floodgates open which I know for many companies including ours, summer is a big hiring season. 

For corporate recruiters, what is your systems and processes?  My manager is very busy and thank goodness, she's not on my back watching my every move, but I am definitely being responsible and keeping myself going (not many reqs out). 

I've been introduced by several managers, but not all of them which my mgr was supposed to do earlier this week but hasn't had time. 

I love where I am, I love recruiting, but i'm a new place and everyone is doing their own thing....except for moi.  Somebody give me some good processes I can develop, where I came from there was an ATS in place and processes. The person whose place I took really wasn't "recruiting" but doing career development work; most managers recruited themselves which wasn't a wise move.  So help!

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We recruiters are self starters and usually don't wait to be invited to the party. For now I would break old reliable Excel create my own ATS with variables I think are important and reportable. Also ask about processes in the office and don't be shy. The word is not in our vocabulary. Good luck.

Thanks Steven, I started this yesterday and you are so right, I broke the good ole' far so good! 

There are free ATS options you can use in the mean time like JobScore and SmartRecruiters.

SmartRecruiters is a great ATS/CRM that's free of charge.  I've developed my own excel CRM that allows me to keep track of req's and candidates - as for jobs for you to work on - chat up the hiring managers and see if they have a need somewhere and tell them that you'd love to work it and get some names in front of them.  Give them something that'll make them beg for more in the long run.  


On the people side of your question, I would definitely take the initiative and invite a manager to lunch each week.  You'll get some good insight on the history of recruiting, their comfort level putting good reqs together for you, and begin to establish a solid working relationship.  

As for interim solutions, I'd check out RecruitHub from Luminol Systems.   I've been using it for the last 6 months or so, and it was easy to pick up and just start using.  

Hope that helps!


You've got a system coming in a couple of months - stick with Excel and don't muddy the waters. Use this time to learn what's coming - growth projections, etc so you can start identifying the profiles you'll need to pipeline.

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