Open Letter to Bountyjobs: Please address this question regarding your service

Dear Bountyjobs,

We haven't spoken before. My name Jerry Albright. I'm a recruiter in Indiana.

I have been researching various split networks, etc. (not quite sure what BJs, Dayak, etc. are called - but the whole spectrum of recruiting/client development services)

There are videos sprinkled around the internet where a considerable degree of success is claimed by Bountyjobs. Most recently the video from with a snippet of Jeremy Lappin, CEO of Boutyjobs indicating your network/group is doing "Thousands of placements annually".

I am very interested in "thousands of placements annually" myself. Those are the kind of numbers we can only dream about - until now! You are claiming this is the level you have reached - yet I can not find more than a handful of any reference to recruiters being successful with your site.

Would anyone associated with BJs please clarify this for me? I am certainly not the only one wondering. Also wondering if the other Jeremy who posted last week about not getting his money even after the clients sent him copies of cashed checks has been resolved.

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Thanks Amy! No - I haven't sent this directly to them. I was thinking (or assuming) that I'm not the only one who would be interested in the response. I know a few people associated with them stop in here from time to time - so was just hoping to start a little discussion about them.

Believe me - thousands of placements annually is absolutely spectacular! I am all about getting the good word out if that is indeed the case!

Amy Christ said:
I'm not from Bounty Jobs, but I'm very familiar with them. Did you send this question directly to someone there?
I also just wanted to point out that a Recruiter having lots of success there would probably not advertise that publicly so as to avoid increasing the competition on the site further.
Hope you get the answers you want, I've always had great communication with them when I contact them directly!
I'll add a clarification here. I am after nothing which could be considered proprietary or confidential. I just want to know if, as Jeremy Lappin says, Bountyjobs is truly making "thousands of placements annually".

Also - if the other Jeremy got his money.

Thats all.
Good Question --can't wait to hear the answer --started a similar discussion myself -- My personal experience with Bounty --not as a company, but as a platform for recruiting-- has not been spectacular to say the least.
i am looking forward to this response, i want in if that is the case. Otherwise i hope we can really find a site that will really help us all make money together instead of waste our time.
I am not going to let this topic drop. I think this particular opportunity is a great chance for Bounty to drop in and say hello to over 15,000 recruiters, let us know that yes - the "other Jeremy" has been paid all monies due and that yes, indeed, they really are making "thousands of placements annually" like their CEO is saying in videos "all over the interwebs".

bump for an answer
I for one was excited and very interested in Bounty Jobs when i first came across them. I am an agency recruiter FT and don't really have the time to market after hours to do side work so it made alot of sense. What i found though after discussions with a few clients on the site who would talk to me, many or using bounty along with multiple other recruiting efforts to find candidates. It seems in many instances, it is a last ditch effort so they are offering up the positions that are extremely difficult to close.
Of the numbers that i have heard, they are closing tons of deals and there are thousands of recruiters using the site with more joining daily. not exactly the best odds you want to deal with.
i think you can build some relationships depending on the types of positions you are dealing with and the specific clients. But patience is definitely necessary and it is not the type of environment where you can focus all your time if you want to really be succesful in this business.
Thanks Gregg. So I'm starting to get the feeling that quite possibly they are closing "thousands of placements annually" which is to be commended. Seriously. If that is the case they deserve a giant round of applause.

So now I'm just left wondering if Jeremy got paid........and I'm assuming he did.
With a $21,500 dollar fee pending on an interview today via I can only hope and pray that he got paid.

If not, well at least I am prepared well in advance.

Great post...I am also interested in split networks. What other sources have you found during your research?


Congratulations Michael!

Michael Fortin said:
With a $21,500 dollar fee pending on an interview today via I can only hope and pray that he got paid.

If not, well at least I am prepared well in advance.
Great discussion, I have many friends who are or have used this site(both recruiter and employer). Most are not happy. Based on what I have been observing on the site there is no way they have thousands of fills. When I spoke with someone there they mentioned they are getting about 70 fills per month on average...that does not equate to thousands of fills per year. Any company can say what they want, until they can truly prove it, that is when I will believe. I will still use the site here and there, but it all comes down to basics, and that is us getting the biz on our own.

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