I am now on my own and looking for your suggestions on split-fee websites - what is worth your time and money and what is not.  Where have many of you tapped into resources that are working?  I've come across a lot of very old postings, employers who don't call you back, etc.


I've been working from home for a couple weeks, working very very hard, but it's been nice not wasting money on gas!  Thanks for all your adivce and support!



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They seem to charge a lot of up front money to join,..I think you are better off making friends on forums like this, and working splits with people you actually know and have rapport with..
Totally agree with Thomas. Create your own split network of trusted colleagues.

First things first.  Congratulations!!!


Why don't you tell us a little bit about what you're doing and someone might see something they can relate to.  Hopefully you can meet someone here that can get something happening with you!


I work in IT and Engineering (and recently HR) in the Midwest. 


Good luck!

Why chase ghosts? Start developing relationships at the executive level within companies you know utilize recruiters. If you're calling on open jobs in order to work them, your chance of success will be minimal. You have to have the relationship established BEFORE a req is generated or you're wasting your time.


Congratulations for having the courage to go out on your won! Best of luck!

Thanks everyone.  I haven't paid up front for an split-fee sites, and been using Powerfill so far and I like it.  I've had a lot of people give me advice and I agree 100% on building relationships first.  Just wanted some advice on tools or "secrets" to make the job easier instead of wasting my time on something that doesn't work for anyone! lol :) 


I've been doing engineering, IT, HR, Logistics, and a little healthcare.  I know hundreds of really good candidates because I used to work the NASA/Aerospace project where thousands of them have been laid off over the past year and I taught LinkedIn and Networking classes, set up job fairs, and helped hundreds of them re-do their resume and connect them with employers. 

Hi Monica!   Ironically I am going through the same possible situation.  I am with one recruiter who is the owner of the recruiting firm.  She is "older" and not very computer literate, has not sent me to any training sessions or events due to lack of funds and my computer is about 7 years old.  It is not working well and she gets very little business.  I have been lucky this last month to get a few good openings although I haven't filled them yet so I can't say I have contributed a lot of money yet!    I do have hopes that I will fill a couple of them.In the past I have done well by her, giving her a lot of fees!   She is not good at cold calling where I am better than she is.   She also doesn't give me as many candidate referrals as I wish she would.  My fear is the outlay costs, a new computer, rent, a website, ad costs which are minimal, and health insurance which will be my biggest cost!   But I am handing over and have been for the last 18 years a huge portion of my commissions to her.  A recruiter left 2 years ago and years before we had about 5 recruiters in all.   I think I have to cut the ties and try this on my own.   Since the biggest expense is the health insurance I will do cobra for the first 18 months and then see what else I can get....maybe Ichip but that too is expensive.   

Monica, do you live in Illinois?   I would be happy to network with you if I can help you with any "candidate" suggestions and if I need help with other searches I too would be happy to work some splits with you.  I mainly concentrate on administrative assistants, legal secretaries, paralegals, a tiny bit of HR positions and anything else that I think I can satisfactorily fill.  I did place a dentist one year ago and that worked out well.  So please let me know if any of you have any suggestions.  I feel bad because my boss is my friend and older and she has been very nice to me.   She just doesn't have the knowledge or experience to help me grow my business or help me with a lot of other things due to the cost.

There is no secret....pick up the phone and reach out to anyone that will talk to you about fees. Why split the fee. Try to get some of your own clients and keep 100%
I'm in Houston actually, but I'm doing business with people all over.  I would like to go directly to clients, just haven't had a hand in contracts and those types of things yet.  So advice on that would be great too :)  Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments!
You can find some contracts on line but most companys you will call will have you sign theirs. My email is chris@seephotonow.com email me and I will call to give you ideas.

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