I don't think JDs are dead (sorry, Zappos) or even ineffective or obsolete. They're just written like crap.  So I figured we could help. I'll be choosing one JD a month to take from snoozer to sexy as part of a new feature we're launching at RecruitingBlogs called "Pimp My JD." 

If you have a great position but a turd of a JD, send a copy to content@recruitingblogs.com and if you're the one who I arbitrarily choose, we'll hook you up with some killer copy.


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Great idea Matt! I'm excited to see what you put together. I'm currently working on an article about writing appealing job descriptions. I'll include a link to this so our readers can submit to it :)


Appealing job description:

Title: CEO/Trillionaire

Duties: Do you have hobbies you want to pursue?  Go ahead.  What are they?  Please tell us what duties you want to perform.

Requirements: None, except the willingness to accept/receive very large amounts of money for negligeable efforts. 

Negatives about the Job:  

(1) DO you get tired of being 'hit-on' by too many beautiful members of the opposite (or not) sex? This could happen if you are chosen for this role.

(2) DO you sincerely hate spending huge amounts of money, knowing that it will easily be replenished (exponentially) whenever you want?  If so, avoid this job.

(3) DO you hate having perfect physical and mental health?  If so, like most people who share your feelings, you will NOT be suitable for this job (which involves large amounts of money, advanced Alien Technology, time-travel, and money, as well as "high-visibility", lots of Health and success... much too much success for most people to bear).

If you still want to apply for this horrid job, please send us a photo of you giving us "the finger", so that we know you are serious about applying.

This is a very good idea and hopefully one that will give plenty of people some fresh ideas.

We all know how difficult it can be to write something engaging at 4pm on a rainy Wednesday afternoon.

One thing we always insist on is originality. There's nothing worse than scanning a page and seeing cut and pasted JDs.

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