I use to work for a firm in VA. We had training from 8am to 830 eavery day. Then we got on the phone and called from 830 to Noon Candidates we wanted to talk to.

We were then allowed to check and return messages. Eat lunch and then from 1230 to 4pm we would get back on the phones for more power calling.

At 4pm we had to plan our next day and write out all the people we needed to call tomorrow. I did make alot of placements doing that. When I have trouble makeing contacts I go back to this madness. Please share what works for you.

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Ditto. We had PT and NPT.

PT - Prime Time - was for "new business generation" and was from 8:30 to 11:30. During that time we were not to be interrupting our colleagues and taking them away from the schedule. This was "get on the phone - and STAY on the phone" time.

NPT (Non Prime Time) was 8:00 - 8:30, 11:30 - 12:00, 1:00 - 1:30 and then again from 4:30 until our end of the day meeting at 5:00 (sharp!)

NPT was also the time we would strategize with our recruiting team associates, plan our presentations with our managers and do all the stuff that couldn't be done on the phone.

It worked well.
Well Said....
Yes... 30 or so calls per day.
The old adage is "you gotta make calls to get calls" and that ultimately holds true!
You are RIGHT!!!!
A friend of mind just called and said he was having trouble with call backs and said i reminded him to plan the next days calls and be ready to make them..
This does work
You can make more than 30 calls in a day for sure....try to dial at least 50 and see what happends. One right after another. Do not stop until you make 50. It does not take that long...
Any thoughts on power emailing?

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