Question of the day: Are you currently using BeKnown, BranchOut, and/or Identified?

In today's edition of the RBC Daily I offered an update with regards to Identified. As the debate continues on just how viable recruiting off Facebook might be- I was curious to see who out there is currently using any of these mentioned tools to source.


For me-


BranchOut - signed up at launch and was turned off by spam so left. I have heard a lot of reports that spam issues have been corrected. Might be worth another look.


BeKnown - signed up because I was sent invite....not much more.


Identified - looked up my score (super low because I have lots of information missing) and searched around at a few others. Has some potential, but not going to be making a decision on one's Identified score alone anytime soon (ie: see Klout)




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I've only got so much time in each day.  I simply can not jump on every new networking tool that comes out.  I don't need to network with a million other recruiters - what's the point of that? 


The people I'm looking to recruit don't sign up for every new way for a recruiter to jam "are you a good fit for this job?" junk in their face all day.





I am with you Jerry. I was just curious to see if and who was having any success with these type of tools. Like you and I, Doctors don't have a lot of extra time to be making profiles on every network that comes along. That and most of them also value what little privacy they have.


You ever hear back from Bill and the Social CV? Was curious to see if you gave that a test drive yet.

I'm cleaning house on all the junk I signed up on because somebody I knew sent me an invite. Beknown and branch out have created ridiculous spam from people selling crap on the net.

Anything that purports to score people online is for young children. Social media needs to grow up in my opinion. I hate a Facebook news feed full of "Bobby needs a birdbath for his garden". Bobby is 45 years old playing games on Facebook. Painful to watch.

never heard of any of them.  what are they and what are they for? rating your activity online?


Love your answer Jerry - I could not agree more!

Still see nothing that's going to unseat Linkedin. Some guy came on here a while back and said he can recruit for any job on Facebook. So I gave him all my jobs. Haven't heard a peep from him since.

Hi Tim!

My name is Ali and I am BranchOut's Community Manager. I'm sorry that you've had that experience. We hear you, and are listening. We did make an number of changes in response to concern that Facebook users were getting too many wall posts from other BranchOut users inviting them to join BranchOut.

Here are the most important ones:
-Facebook users are now limited to receive a maximum of 3 wall posts per day from BranchOut. So even if someone is invited to join from 10 different friends, they will only get 3 wall posts.
-Invitations can come in the form of Facebook request channel, email, or wall posts. This reduces the amount of wall posts that Facebook users are getting.
-We have removed a feature called "Who would you rather work with?" which was generating a lot of wall posts. Now 80% of all new users come from friends inviting friends because they want to professionally network.

Since we've made these changes, we've heard tremendous positive feedback. We hope you will give us another shot as it sounds like you've used our app several months ago. If you have any additional feedback, feel free to contact me directly and I look forward to improving your experience :)


Ali -


Thanks for taking time to share this information. I also appreciate you representing BranchOut and bringing your voice to the RBC. As I mentioned I have heard from many that the spam issues of the past have been corrected. I will make a point to check it out again in near future, but it will be because I like shiny objects.  BranchOut won't really impact my desk too much in the Doc biz. Perhaps in the coming weeks you can share a post with the community with regards to BranchOut's Recruiter Connect product. Thanks!

@Bill LOL.  I think that guy is busy teaching people how to recruit barmaids by giving them a cow.

Sandra McCartt said:
@Bill LOL.  I think that guy is busy teaching people how to recruit barmaids by giving them a cow.
well, as the saying goes :give a barmaid a cow and.... maybe that's a fish...

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