Question of the day: What are your typical activity levels as you head into the final stretch of the year?

Follow up to today's RBC Daily.........

As we head into the end of the year things begin to become quite hectic for us all. What impact is this having on your recruiting desk? Is there a rush of activity to finalize some searches before year's end? or are things starting to really slow down with focus already moving towards the new year?

What are your typical activity levels as you head into the final stretch of the year?

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This is a great question Tim.  I always believed that December would be my slowest month.  The holidays, bonus season around the corner, etc.  However, year after year I found myself to be the busiest come December.  Not trying to get a deal in before the end of the year like many since their commission structure resets; I was on my own.  But simply making placements.  I hear many of my clients couldn't be busier right now!

I'm contracted w/ Behr right now and even though my mind is on presents and shopping and decorating, it's still business as ususal.  I have 20+ openings I am gearing up for in January so still sourcing and screening as much as I normally do.  I do have off on the 23rd and 2nd so I'm thankful for that!!

Closed 2 offers today and looks like 2 more done before next Friday.....Full steam ahead in headhunting and filling the pipe for January to keep the momentum moving forward....Why stop?

Business as usual. Candidates are actually more available as they are taking time off. Contacts are a tick up, and a lot are during the day vs after 5 when they normall can speak freely. More free time means more time to speak with me.

Busier than ever

If every one slows down, it is the right time to go out to meet new contacts.  It has proven that I will gain new contacts during this time every year.

3 sendouts this week, 2 so far for next. 4 new job orders yesterday. Shopping, packing, getting ready for holidays with family in FL and GA - so much to do and so excited! I am using mobile communication a lot more since I am not at my office as much, so learing some new things, too. One of our busiest time for this year, love it. As others said, keep it coming, take advantage of candidates availability and also look where maybe some other recruiters are taking time off for new opportunities.


You guys inspire me.  

 I have always found December to be a pretty busy time and this year is no exception.  In addition to send outs, new job orders, and candidate meetings I love being on the phone at this time.  Even people gearing up for year-end seem to be in kind of a festive mood and I can usually chat and open doors with people I have trouble talking too all year long!  I love it! 

My only caveat to that is I do tend to slow down and take some time off during the week between Christmas and New Years.

I take off plenty of time all year long - and will increase my time off policy considerably over the next 2 weeks.

Life is short.  Enjoy the holidays!

Though, for the record, I will ALWAY take a call about a placement.  :)

Just spoke with a Warehouse in Vancouver and they may be needing a few temps for next week and it's 5pm pst.  Business is still going strong!  Business is still every where and we just need to know where to find them. 

However, I am taking the last week of December off to recharge and plan.  

I agree with Bill - thanks all for keeping the motivation alive and well. Great feedback to this question. Continued success going into 2012!

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