Question of the day: What one thing at your desk are you most thankful for this year?

As 2011 begins to wind down it is natural that we become a bit reflective. With the Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow it serves as inspiration for today's question.....


Recruiters- What one thing at your desk are you most thankful for this year?

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Besides the two obvious ones - the laptop that makes it possible for me to work and the cup of coffee my colleague brought me earlier - there is one addition this year to my desk I am grateful for... A mechanical pencil!

I know it is slightly neerdy, but I can write much faster and read my notes afterwards - crucial when I am on the phone to clients!

I'm grateful for a boss that has my back. :)

As always, my telephone.  Without it I wouldn't have my practice.

My (don't laugh) Palm Pilot came in real handy this year too.


The bottle of Tequila underneath.  

My ashtray, it keeps the cigarette butts out of my coffee cup and prevents desktop fires.

It's the DESK itself that I’m most appreciative of.  Mine holds my past and present activity at arm's length but reachable at a moments notice.  It’s a towering desk with nooks and crannies (always wanted to use that phrase) and drawers galore.  My desk is my command post and center that holds what I need even if I don't need it at the's all there just in case. 

So it's not the "one thing" but thee thing that holds and carries all my things that enable me to do my phone, computer, printer, calculator, calendar, fax (when it works), notes, files, folders, old rolodex, a portable fan, photos of family, friends and critters I know or know of; paperweights, pen gift sets and mugs--business cards, office supplies, etc.

The general clutter at first glance soon gives way to recognizable books, manuals, mags, clippings, napkin notes and a deflated balloon.  Some lucky charms like loaded dice and Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner figurines adorn my desk. What is interesting is that within my clutter I know what lies 4-6 items deep…because I put stuff in a place I always come back to…my DESK.


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