I want to start featuring a daily Recruiting Tip at the top of RecruitingBlogs.com. If you have one to share, please post it as as comment and once I have a number of them, I will start featuring one a day at the top of the network with a link back to your profile when it gets featured.

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Get a recommendation. Doesn't matter if it's a candidate that you placed or didn't place but worked hard to or if its a client that you've provided a service to .... get a recommendation from them that you can add to your profile on whatever space you want to put it on. It could live with you forever and it could be your wall of inspiration to look at each day.
Thank you for the tip.Appreciate it.
Newman's Recruiting Tip. I live my life and work this gig, as best I can, according to Discordian philosophy. Hagbard Celine, one of the masters of Eristic Thought, had this to say about communication. "Accurate communication is possible only in a non-punishing situation."

Wilson rephrases this himself many times as "communication occurs only between equals." Celine calls this law "a simple statement of the obvious" and refers to the fact that everyone who labors under an authority figure tends to lie to and flatter that authority figure in order to protect themselves either from violence or from deprivation of security (such as losing one's job). In essence, it is usually more in the interests of any worker to tell his boss what he wants to hear, not what is true. In Italics is from WikiPedia... What this means, in less long winded terms, is that you should build a Relationship of equals with your candidate, because if they see you in a position of authority, you will never get the accurate information you need to help them find their next position.
I have many years in this industry and the best thing I can tell you is that when business is slow, you have to get busy and get back to basics. Make your evening calls to potential candidates as well as your placed candidates. Back to basics will make a difference in how you approach each day, stay positive and remember you're never as good as you think you are and you're never as bad as you think you are, ultimately you're somewhere in the middle.
My recruiting tip would be to think outside the box. I find good candidates by looking on Licensing or Chapter Member websites. In some cases you can also place a free add on a chapter website specifically for people with the certification that you are seeking.
W,W,W,W,W,H - the fundamentals of open end questions that don't allow Yes/No answers - Who, What, Where, When, Why, How - put any of these words in the beginning of your questions and you will get more information from the client/candidate. Note: Craig Silverman mentioned open end questions, but I'm adding to his tip ;-)
Example: Who do you suggest that I contact about....What departments are hiring right now.....Why is this position open...who is the hiring manager....what dept.are they over.... you get the idea
Hi Jason - how are you doing? - Lou - here's my tip of the day - it includes a link to our annual survey - we'll post the results on recruitingblogs!

Every year we have conduct an Annual Recruiting and Hiring Challenges Survey - so far this year only 8% of recruiters are indicating their companies/clients will be expanding their hiring, but niche hiring abounds. So if you're in a down industry, get out of it. International accounting experts will be in high demand. So will battery designers, electrical grid workers, green engineers, and C&E-related. Take the survey and find out how 2009 will affect you and what you must do about it.

Don't be afraid to be a Dummy... Far too many recruiters believe they have some innate ability to smell a great person by reading their resume or having a 5 minute conversation. I call these people acronymers - they know the buzzwords or acronyms (or think they do) - and assess based upon the presence or absence of these. Essentially this is recruiting at the surface.

Yet with two decades of recruiting under my belt and new technologies and functional improvements coming by every year, I'm always looking to learn; surface recruiting is fine for assessing average candidates but not for those far better than average. At the very least I read the Dummies series associated with a skill or ability prior to diving into a search. One, they're easy to read; two, I'll be able to ask far better questions; and three, since so many people believe that recruiters don't know what they're talking about, I like to surprise these folks.
ok- here is my tip for all those recruiters who may create a self fulfilling prophecy during this economic downturn. the "this year is going to be down" crowd..,
do the math on how many positions you fill every year on average...., as an example my average is around 40 positions
then go out and work toward achieiving that number of placements--plug it into your monthly goals--- i just read this recently
in a stable economic time there are 4 mil jobs out there
in this unstable economic period there are only 3.2 mil -- not bad
so do not tell me you cant find 30-40 jobs to fill this year from the 3.2 mil out there...,, marketing is key -
Yahoo Groups, Websites, Google groups, student associations are a very good tool to network. For example- if I am looking and or would like to network with Indian IT professionals- there is a site called Sulekha.com or since I am local in Michigan- I look for IT indians in Michigan and there is actually a website called Miindia.com (please note that you can do search for community websites for states all over US, it can be Indian IT in Oregon or in California) Same thing with yahoo groups- be creative with your keywording and look for say "Philippine Nurse in USA" or "Registered Nurse" and you will come up with different groups. I google a lot and would simply type in keywords such as "Nurse in Michigan" and it will give me a couple of Nurse associations. Student Association is also good- of course this is more for entry-level type of job- You can google and type in words such as "Indian Student Association" or "Computer Engineer Student Association". Sky is the limit- google and be creative with your keywording- that is how I found "recruitingblogs.com" in the first place=)
I do like this tip and will make sure to follow it from now on:) Thanks!

Air Javi said:
Here's a tip, that most of you won't follow;

Prior to firing up the computer, coffee pot, or even the lights. Spend 15-30 minutes just sitting there in the quietness of the morning and meditate. Clear all internal chatter form your mind and focus on the oneness and perfection that is our universe.

Focus on asking this question; How can I be of service today? How can I do GOD's work today?

Repeat it until it becomes a mind mantra. What you will find is that eventually, the world (GOD) will listen and give you the opportunity to be of service.

Now you have the mental capacity to reach out to anyone, anytime, anywhere and be able to see clearly how you are capable of helping them. You instantly stop making it about yourself and make it about others.

This is not only the secret to a fulfilled and happy lifestyle, it also applies to all relationships in your life.

God bless all the recruiters out there and I hope my message reaches all needy ears with peace and love.

Superb Tech Inc
When trying to assess a candidates "fit" within an organization and for a particular job, consider breaking it down into two parts...X and Y. Let X represent the Technical skills and knowledge a candidate must possess in order to do the job, and let Y represent the Cultural fit within that particular oganization. As a rule of thumb, it is better to select candidates that meet the bare minimum range of the Y scale. For example, if you used 1-10 with 10 being best rating, a candidate with a X=9 and Y=5 means that, even though the candidate possesses the skills, they lack the attributes neccessary to thrive in that particular organization. Chances are high that you can loose this hire over the months to come due to their inablility to "fit" in the organization. Remember, it is easier to train someone on technical skills than to change their cultural attributes.


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