I am the Recruiting Manager for a small firm.  My team consists of a Junior Recruiter and myself, so we have limited time on our hands to do anything outside of hitting the phones.  The owners of my firm keep pushing us to use social media for recruiting and the only source we have had success with is Linked In.  Can anyone else tell me if they have had success using Facebook or Twitter and how you used it to be successful?  Thank you!

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So are hundreds of software providers Vinda.  Buy an ad if you want to promote your software or service.  If someone who does not sell it recommends it that is one thing.  When the employees of a company promote their product it is a commercial it doesn't just sound like one.

Let's be real here. You do not sell the software to help recruiters with SM (that is the by-product) but you sell it to make $$. I use and enjoy (and get decent results) with the FREE version of your product! SAndra is correct here that this is not the correct forum for a commercial!
Vinda Rao said:

Apologies - I didn't mean to sound like a commercial. Yes, we sell software to help recruiters with social media, but we're selling it to capitalize on the trend we're seeing. We've seen evidence of people having success with social recruiting. Maybe it's not for you, or your clientele, or your industry, but the truth is recruiters are seeing success. We have data that tracks it. You've seen some recruiters on this thread comment that they've had success and it is a very real trend.

Sandra McCartt said:

Don't misunderstand Ron, i use LInkedin like a big dog.  I think Jerry and i both were some of the first who tried using twitter, facebook, and all the other new stuff.  I always try something new and see how it works but it doesn't take long to identify what is a time suck and a feel good.  I was recruiting in MSN chat rooms back in the late 90's.  I use Monster, Career Builder, and various niche boards as well as posting jobs on Linkedin in specific groups.  If you got the idea that either Jerry or myself are sitting in a dusty little hole digging through phone books and trade journals we didn't make ourselves very clear.  :)


All i am saying is that while anybody is running searches on all the trendy stuff, try looking in the local yellow pages for people who live there, work there and know most of the people who are in their profession who may or may not be on LInkedin.  I know this is a shock but there are thousands of people who are not involved in social media and won't ever be.


Nice commercial Vinda.  Buy an ad!

Traditional methods are effective but you also have to consider the age demographic and industry.  I recruit for a digital company and I have younger developers tell me constantly that they would absolutely respond to a tweet from a recruiter, plus I've used it to find candidates.  Java developers are in such high demand that they get inundated with calls and e-mails but a simple tweet can be really effective.  Also, in my industry, everyone is involved in social media in some respect.  

Actually, LinkedIn is a great source if you are looking for targeted candidates. The advanced (people) search in LinkedIn can be your starting point. You can further narrow down your search by specifying a title, industry and country. Another way is to identify the LinkedIn groups where you think the candidtes you are looking for can be found.

We have a resume-import tool - ResumeGrabber JobSuite - that helps you to "fast Copy-Paste"
=> search results from company searches and people searches in LinkedIn
=> members from LinkedIn groups - the best part is that you don't even have to be a member of that group.

The software then uses the name and current company (that it gets from LinkedIn) as inputs, and does deep web searches to find the business email address and phone number of the contact. This way, you get a actionable, ready-to-use list of candidates profiles.

Please download the free trial version from:http://www.egrabber.com/TU422Mz97

I will also be happy to organize a free product demo if you are interested. We can show you how to build a talent pipeline from LinkedIn.

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