Hello.  We are a small, privately held IT Staffing firm and looking to replace our old out-dated candidate tracking system.  After wading through a list of a 140 or so options I've narrowed down my list to:
  • Bullhorn
  • JobDiva
  • Taleo
  • Sendouts
  • Maxhire
  • TargetRecruit
Would love to get feedback from others in the Staffing world on which tools they've used and prefer, what features really stood out that they actually got real world benefit from, customer service, etc.  If you've gone through a migration to one of these tools would love to hear how that went as well. 

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This is a fun little number to start the weekend! Here Come the Mummies!
Well if we are posting vids- here is my favorite little ditty about GETTING PAID.

Jerry Albright said:

This is a fun little number to start the weekend! Here Come the Mummies!
soo, this thread kind of got off track a bit, but i do agree with marty for the most part - and bullhorn did hijack the thread after i opted not to continue exploring their product. I was really looking to see if anyone that reads these threads regularly had anything to share with their experiences with the listed ATSs - good, bad, indifferent, hassles, favorite feature, etc. all the tools sound and look head's and shoulders above what we have now so i didn't want to get too caught up in the 'sales pitch'. but wanted to hear the reality of how the tools functioned in a real environment.

I purposely did not ask any of the vendors for references...after all who is going to give out a reference that will say anything but superlatives, so i think they are fairly worthless. i have spoken with some of our competitors, at least the ones we're friendly with, to get their perspectives on what they're using and why.

for what is worth to anyone following, I've narrowed my list down to Maxhire and Sendouts. They are extremely similar to one another so i am currently (when I find a few minutes during the day) taking a couple of weeks to play around within each and evaluate them side by side. so if anyone has any thoughts...;~)
I do not pimp my clients either. I think all of us know that we ask a reference before we use their name.

If a vendor asked me to post a "glowing tale" I probably would not do so. If a vendor called me and said, "Some one is asking about a product we sell, you use it. If you are happy with our product would you give us a reference". I would probably be happy to do so. It would be my take on it and not a hype. I would not see it as doing them a favor. I would see it as just giving my opinion.

You sure have your knickers in a knot over this. It's just my take that it's not that big a deal.

Martin H.Snyder said:
Sandra who we work with and what we do for them is not something that we would post on the open Internet without specific permission each time, which would be pretty rare indeed. We have dozens and dozens of household name customers, but you are not going to see us pounding that fact into the ground.

Lots of companies like to pimp their clients all over the place, but it only attracts safety buyers anyway and in my mind, it's not in keeping with the nature of the recruiting business - while being discreet and contained is in keeping with that model. We don't even do press releases (unless asked to participate in one) for the same reason. People in the know will find us just fine.....

If our customers want to speak up, that's great and more power to em. If a qualified prospect wants to speak with some references, by all means, we can arrange that.

I'm surprised you dont see that if a vendor asks you to post a glowing tale, even if its all true, that it's not balanced, and can't be, because the poster is doing a favor for the vendor, and not the original thread starter ? It also easily gives the impression that the hijacker has more market or mindshare than they may actually have, because the other vendors are not equally 'jacking the thread.

If we all did it , every thread would be just dozens of boilerplate paragraphs saying nothing beyond ad-talk you could find anywhere.

Sandra McCartt said:
It wouldn't change my opinion Marty. If i were the original poster i would contact one or two of the individuals who posted personally to see what they thought. If you had asked some of your satisfied customers to do the same i would also contact them.

I would see it as a stand alone ad and a hijacking if you or the Bullhorn reps or reps for any product posted them yourselves multiple times but not if you or anyone else asked someone to comment that i would have no way of knowing used any of the products.

I would suggest that you post a list with contact information of satisfied clients that the poster could check with if they so choose.

If there is concern that there is hijacking going on perhaps it would be good to suggest that you or anyone else who wants to offer testimonials simply post a list of satisfied customers and their contact info, who would be willng to speak with anyone evaluating.

I provide references from satisfied clients when i know someone is looking for a recruiter so i see these as references solicited or unsolicited that give people the opportunity to check me out or check out products.
Thank you Jasen.

I rest my case.
Hi Jasen
I have had a look at all of them and without a doubt have found Target Recruit to be the best.

Being on Saleforce.com makes it all the better as it has given our company flexibility in how we want our systems and processes to work. Target recruit is an Avankia product. Functionality has greatly improved our productivity. Highly recommended .......
Hi Jasen,

have a look at our recruitment software tools on http://www.aktor-hrsoftware.com/en/. For more information don't hesitate to contact us.

Kindest Regards.


I would also think about your back end system and how these integrated automatically with it. You shouldn't have to do double entry.

Visit my recruiting software page at www.debzale.com/Recruiting_Software for more things to consider before you purchase your system.

Wow, this was a fun thread to read. I have to agree 100% with Marty and Jasen. People want to see honest feedback, the good and the bad. Let's face it, with every system there are pros and cons and the people who comment on both are the most helpful. Pushed responses from the vendor are useless, we might as well just call the company and listen to all of the sales pushes. Places like this forum are for people who honestly want to comment on their own who preferably were not influenced by the vendor. That's why I love the feature on LinkedIn answers and Amazon in which people can rate the post/answers as most helpful. If we had that on here, all of those pushed responses would have gotten 0 or 1 ratings and would have been pushed to the bottom of the list, saving many of us time of not having to read them.

I am evaluating ATS/CRM systems right now as well, but this thread just left a bad taste in my mouth regarding Bullhorn. Based on my research thus far from a bunch of other forums and blogs Bullhorn seems to be really expensive compared Sendouts and Maxhire. It is under my impression that BH is geared more towards the really big companies so perhaps that is why. We are using Salesforce for our CRM and we have a very simple ATS. We are either looking for an ATS that can integrate with Salesforce or a combined ATS/CRM that we can transfer all of our Salesforce data too without too much trouble.

I agree with you Jasen in that we have narrowed it down to a few with Sendouts and Maxhire at the top.

Hi All,

I also need some help like Jasen.

I own a boutique search firm and I am looking to upgrade my current system mainly because of the lack of external search functions and the ability to import LinkedIn profile etc.

I am reviewing and like FileFInder, Maxhire, Bullhorn, DeskFlow and have passed on others.

The web integration, ease up updating candidate record, automatching, web integration, social media searching, company research / competitor research tools are all important to me.

Can anyone offer any advice.

Thanks in advance
Man I could go on for days with this. We have been in Bond Adapt implementation for 3 years.....total mess, lost so much money in the product as well as lost hires, lack of buy in, etc. We are finally upgrading without customization to their new platform which seems sooooo much better. Biggest thing I can recommend is try to keep your customizations to a minimum. I liked Bullhorn, Be mindful of any/all ATS sales selling you a bill of goods.
I have implemented maxhire in multiple companies. It is a very good, recruiter powerful tool. All of the features & funtions you may require to find good people is in the product. I have no experience with sendouts, but it seems from the comments it is comparable. Since the majority of the ATS systems I have reviewed have good features and bad, my ultimate decisions were based on "bang for the buck". Maxhire is cost effective, requires no long term contract (month 2 month) and they periodically come out with improvements and enhancements for FREE (yeah!). I would spend a little time asking how the search engines work when looking at the products. maxhire was pretty good.

Depending on your needs, you may want to decide how much of a CRM tool you want from the ATS. i find the more robust the tool is for recruiters, the weaker the CRM. There are great CRM tools and great ATMS, but I haven't met the combination without serious functional compromise. Even more challenging is finding two tools (a CRM & ATS) that have functionally acceptable integration. If anyone has a broad base of experience in finding the perfect CRM/ATS solution please let me know. Even if it may be pricey, for some companies it would be a god send.

Your first impression of the sales team (in the demo phase) is probably a reflection on the sales team and less on the company, but the biggest need for customer service will be during the transition and training. After you get their commitments try to find out what the ongoing costs are likely to be if you grow or require more functionality. Maxhire for example is cheaper (per person) as you add more people and all the new features and functions are gratis. Other companies may have a tiered pricing scheme (e.g. adding the 11th person is a large increase) and when you want to do some decent reporting you have to buy an add-on product.

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