SmartSearch selected by growing number of specialty niche staffing firms


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SmartSearch selected by growing number of specialty niche staffing firms

Top-rated talent acquisition and recruiting solution wins two new clients in specialized market segments

OCEANSIDE, CA December 31, 2009 – Advanced Personnel Systems, Inc. (APS) the makers of SmartSearch, an industry leading talent acquisition management and recruiting business solution, announced the addition of HCS International and DeNuke Services, two specialized professional recruiting firms, to its client roster in December.

HCS International, a Jordanian LLC, serves the industrial repair industry by providing project workers, skilled craftsman and professional staffing in niche competencies such as Turbine Mechanics, ASME Welders, Instrumentation and Electrical Technicians, Boiler and Pressure Vessel Repair, Millwrights, Crane Operators, and more. HCS primarily works with employers in the Power Generation, Industrial Construction, Mining, Aggregate, Manufacturing, Pulp & Paper, and Steel industries. HCS also offers turn-key project support complete with Project Management, Safety, Engineering support and Administrative personnel. For 2010, HCS is growing its business in the Middle East and needed more robust sales and recruiting tools. Michael Pleasant, Operations Manager at HCS, said, “We chose SmartSearch because the system is so user-friendly, and we’re able to customize the database to fit our unique business needs.”

DeNuke Services, a trusted organization specializing in nuclear decontamination and decommission projects, launched a contract staffing subsidiary ReNuke in 2006 to fill the nuclear talent gap and offer the best talent for next generation nuclear projects.

DeNuke Services provides personnel and expertise in nuclear staffing and projects in both Department of Energy and commercial nuclear power sectors. Based in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, DeNuke operates in 24 states to develop plants, strategies and approaches to D&D of reactors, hot cells, industrial facilities, and weapons and manufacturing plants. Specialties include Health Physics, Radiological Engineering, Remediation, Training, and Waste Management. DeNuke also supports projects in the areas of radiation protection, waste management, compliance, industrial and occupational safety and waste shipping, as well as remediation of hazardous and radioactive areas using skilled field technicians and equipment.

With more than 90,000 new nuclear workers needed in the next five years, ReNuke’s mission to fuel the nuclear renaissance with top professionals marks a long-term investment in bringing new talent to the nuclear industry. Its innovative efforts to recruit top talent as well as encouraging talented students to enter the field of nuclear engineering and related fields will assure growth in the number of people available through ReNuke to sustain growth through mid-century.

Paul Adams, Client Services Manager at DeNuke Services, said, “I have been an advocate of SmartSearch for years, having used it at two other organizations. When I joined DeNuke, I knew SmartSearch would be a great solution to support the company’s mission and goals for 2010 and beyond.”

The SmartSearch system serves a growing number of specialty niche staffing firms and offers highly configurable talent management software that centralizes sourcing, recruiting, applicant tracking, and hiring activities in an online database where all the pieces come together.

About SmartSearch: Advanced Personnel Systems has developed and deployed quality talent management and recruiting solutions since 1986. Having pioneered the field of resume-scanning-based recruiting solutions, APS is a recognized leader in on-demand technology and innovative approaches to recruitment data management. Its signature product, SmartSearch, currently in its thirteenth release, serves over 165,000 users and 4.7 million job seekers worldwide. Learn more about SmartSearch by visiting
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That is interesting. I used their ATS for a few years, I was even the one who chose it, but I could not recommend it. There are so many better options now that integrate fully & have better search that I would highly recommend thinking twice before switching to it.
Hi Julia - thanks for the comment. I checked your LinkedIn profile & don't recognize any company as a SmartSearch customer on your resume. When you say you've used SmartSearch for a few years, I'm wondering what company were you with and how long ago was that? We've been in business since 1986 and have come a long, long way. I'd love to show you our latest advancements and think you'll be impressed with the evolution of our solution. Email me directly

Wish best wishes for a happy & prosperous new year! ~Sylvia
PS Julia: I just realized that on your LinkedIn profile it shows you were at Endeavour (cancelled SmartSearch in 2005, used it for 2 yrs). We've had FOUR version upgrades since then and are on the cusp of a fifth. These are some of the updates last year - and I assure you the product is very different & much more advanced (and "fully integrated") from what you remember. I invite you to take a look!

The two customers mentioned in the above PR are BOTH REPEAT BUSINESS. Paul Adams at DeNuke has purchased SmartSearch at three different organizations; and the owner of HCS was formerly with another firm that used SmartSearch. Nearly 70% of our new business comes from former users as they change companies, start new businesses, or send us referrals. I have MANY customers that have purchased SmartSearch more than twice (references available).

I guess with over 165,000 users worldwide, there's bound to be a few that either a) don't like the product, or b) should've gone with a different solution in the first place, or c) changed their business to the point where SmartSearch was no longer a good fit.
Congratulations on the two new clients! I'm glad to see that others are are having the same great results with your system that we do. I have been using SmartSearch since early in 2007 at Tech USA and I have been more than satisfied with their centralized system which brings together our sourcing, recruiting & applicant tracking into a very user friendly and efficient system. Since purchasing the system in '07 they have been very responsive to configuring the system to match our business multiple times as needed. We're using v14 of the system which is very dynamic and has many new integration features that we are enjoying, especially the marketing tools that were recently added. Getting business from previous clients says a lot about an organization, and I am sure that it's not just because of the system's strong capabilities. ATS has truly great people, many of whom have been there a long time, who are not only responsive and professional, but they have a very warm and refreshing aproach to business that you don't alway get these days. Keep up the good work and I wish you a great 2010!!

Congratulations on your two new niche clients! It is great to see a vendor that I respect continue to grow and experience new success.

As a Recruiting Consultant, I have the opportunity to review new and older ATS for my clients. As a result of those comparisons, I selected SmartSearch fo rmy business,, in Nov. 2004 and have enjoyed the upgrades since. In my experience, SmartSearch had my business up and running within 10 days (including creating a mirror image of my website, populating resumes, and training).

One of the issues that companies need to beware of when selecting an ATS is the customer support following the installation. The tech support team at SmartSearch is superb! Once I had insomnia and sent a note to support about a little glitch. The CIO replied within a few minutes that he had fixed it - and this was at 1:30 AM Pacific. Easy to like a company with service like that!

I also appreciate how honest Sylvia and Paul are during the RFP. If SmartSearch is not the right ATS for a company based on their needs, they will suggest another solution - kind of like the Macy's and Gimbel's Santa Claus in "Miracle on 34th Street".

As a result of my direct experience with SmartSearch and comparison of other systems at clients, it is easy for me to recommend SmartSearch to companies.

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