I’ve found that all successful recruiters have a command of the words they use, and the way they put them together.

You can tell almost immediately if you trust someone or think they’re competent—or want to do business with them—just by listening to their language of business. If they communicate clearly, if they seem to know what they’re talking about, and if they invite you to create a dialogue, then they’re using their words correctly.

On the other hand, if a person runstoo many ideas together or talks too fast or speaks in a way that’s inappropriate or fails to convey a sense of credibility, then you’ll probably begin to lose confidence, or even find the person annoying.

Think about your own words, and the various situations you find yourself in, day after day.

For example, when you’re writing up a set of job specs with the hiring manager, are you asking the right questions? Or do you end up wasting time, looking for the wrong person, or getting five rejections for every six candidates you refer? When a candidate says he’s not interested in a job opportunity, is it because the job isn’t the right fit, or is it because your presentation was boring or lacking in credibility? And if you’re looking for new business and the company says they don’t have any openings, is it really because they’re not hiring, or is it because your misuse of business vernacular was a big turn-off?

There are lots of ways to learn the language of business. One way is to listen carefully to people you respect, and to those who get good results. By absorbing their style and their use of words, you’ll improve your ability to navigate through tough situations.

Another technique is to organize your thoughts and prepare yourself mentally for questions, concerns or objections that are likely to be raised. By rehearsing your responses in advance, you’ll minimize the chance of being caught flat-footed. If you look at your every-day conversations as a series of final exams—and study hard to make the grade—you’ll pass with flying colors.

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I think these are good points for recruiters to think about...You have to be able to gain instant credibility with candidates, and knowing how to talk to them 'on the level', is the most important talent that I believe each excellent recruiter has to have.

Mindset is very important, if you keep a positive attitude, and speak to people in the way that you would want to be spoken to, then you'll find your self having good convo after good convo, each day, week, and month...I think this is the key to staying positive, and connecting with candidates in this difficult market.

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