Twitter this - Twitter that - how do YOU manage the FEEding frenzy?

So - I jumped on the bandwagon fully and completely a number of months ago and had been happily tweeting and fully immersed in Tweet Deck.... Recently, I wanted to build my network to a strong but modest level. My goal was to follow and be followed by @ 500 people. A small number in the scheme of things. I am close, but now am finding that I have a problem. It's like an avalanche of micro information and I'm finding that I cannot keep track of anyone, let alone keep up! Some of the people I'm following tweet 6 - 10 times or MORE per day! I am in sensory OVERLOAD! It's taking over! :-)

Short of removing people from my list - which would be 2.0 suicide... what's a person to do?


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I'm having the same trouble. I don't want to unfollow people but I want to be updated every time a selective group of people tweet, but don't know how to manage that. Somehow it it could be linked to my email or something.

Peter, that seems a little short sighted? It took me a while to hire someone from LinkedIn, or from networking or from reading 100 cv's why would you stop? If you can Recruit with a tool, surely it is worth dipping the toe in the water so to speak? But, naturally keep your eyes where the prize comes from, your most trusted and successful medium of finding talent.

Seperating people into groups on tweetdeck takes out a lot of the trawling though

Peter Ceccarelli said:
Just stop. Have you really ever hired anyone from Twitter? If the answer is no. Then just stop.
Eric Haber said:
Just realized something very interesting. I did not tweet today because I was busy working. Hmm, what does that tell you? This is too interesting not to share, time to tweet! ;-)

I did, only once. Probably won't today. I feel that more than that is not needed... it's the boy who cried wolf syndrome in a way. If you ALWAYS tweet, I tend to ignore you. If you tweet ONCE IN A WHILE or only ONCE a DAY (yes, I am shouting this out!) then I pay attention to what you say....
Eric Haber said:

You can unfollow people or you can tweet what you really think and just wait and see what happens. I've read that marketers suggest including a number in your tweet/email subject line to get noticed, so try one of those "10 reasons" tweets. Who knows, you may even get a response from the Twiterati, now that would be special.

Sandra McCartt said:
Go ahead, Julie, try it, take a risk, Unfollow somebody and see if the world ends. That is step #2 in the cure for cyber addiction. After all, what they going to do...oh my God, they might unfollow you back. :)

i like feeling special! ;-) WIll try the " 10 reasons" type of approach - thanks!

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