I work for a 3rd party agency, and our expenses are paid 100% when we make client visits or take people out to lunch. My employer just announced that we may go to a 50% reimbursement plan, and eventually, no reimbursement at all. They said that this is the standard for the industry. Is that true?

I just don't see myself taking as many clients out to lunch if I'm footing the bill.

What is your company's policy?

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Tell them if they'd like to change your percentage to 100%, you'd consider footing part of the bill. Otherwise that is an expense that should come out of the large percentage they keep from your placement.
You have to foot the bill for clients .... yea right!

That's a bit of a joke if I ever heard one unless your the owner or an indy recruiter.

I own my company and if someone wants to take a client out I will pay for it, same thing goes for their mileage to and from clients.
Hi Justin,

I'm a TPR/Executive Search Consultant in a small retained search firm. I'm responsible for 100% of the expenses related to developing my business - including travel, lunches, etc. However, the % of the overall fee I'm eligible for is 50%, which is higher than colleagues I've spoken to at similar firms in my area. I'm also eligible for an additional 10% if I bring in a certain amount of revenue each year. I'll take the higher % of the fee, and make wise decisions about the expenses I incur to build/maintain my business. I like this approach. It re-enforces that I'm responsible for growing and developing my own business within the business, and I can also reap the rewards. So, depending upon how your current comp is structured, maybe you can ask for a higher % of the overall fee to make up the difference.
Justin - I will volunteer right here and now to reimburse you 100% of any business lunches you would like to make on my company's behalf. The closer those clients are to me the better - but I'll take 'em all!

OK. Now seriously. I really don't know how to reply other than a blanket statement so here goes: That is ridiculous!
sounds like it is up for negotiation and I would complain loudly. It is pretty standard to pay client expenses here.

I agree with you... It sounds disgusting!

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