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Well. Never thought I would be on the other end of this question not being in an interview but what the heck!

Favorite job: SCUBA diving instructor (yes I was one) and I was paid.  I made NO money to speak of but got to dive for FREE all the time and being in my 20's it was just awesome!!  I loved teaching and showing a whole new world.  I got to meet some wonderful people from all over the world and loved it.  Problem is that Peter Pan had to leave never land and so did I.  Still certified and still like to get under the water every now and then but that was some of the most carefree and wonderful days of my life.

I don't think I can top that one Derek.  Scuba diving and the Peter Pan lifestyle sounds pretty amazing.  In my 20's I lived in Hilton Head, SC and flipped burgers for Fuddruckers.  Still, it was amazing.  Living on the beach, care free.  No, but seriously, and as goofy as this sounds, I love being a recruiter. 

I sold houses for a while for a homebuilder in Austin and made a ton of money but worked 365 days a year.  I hated it.  Since I had money in the bank, I went to work at a call center called Rainmaker and worked with some pretty cool people.  I put my 8 hours in and then when I left, I was single and enjoyed life.  Had plenty of time off and goofed off and had a ball.  Funny thing about that story is that when I eventually left because I made NO money, 3 years later I came back and was their recruiter. 

I think it might be the one I have now... I'll let you know tomorrow :)

Ballroom Dance Instructor, hands down, most favorite and best job I've ever had.  

I made horrible money, worked 2 other jobs to support myself while I taught people how to rumba, cha cha, waltz and foxtrot around the ballroom (among all the other dances I was trained in).  I got to compete with my students and watch people evolve and grow as a dancer, and best of all, my life was surrounded by sparkles and glitter and shiny disco balls.  I learned a life long skill that people pay THOUSANDS of dollars to learn, I made some amazing friendships, and I met my current girlfriend of 4 years (granted, dating her was what got me fired.  Oops!) 

RedBull Wiiings Team Member..... most fun I ever had while getting paid for it.

Yes, I was that girl driving around in the RedBull Mini Cooper with the big ol' can of RedBull on the back handing out free cans of RedBull to anyone and everyone. It was the perfect college job, part time, and I pretty much got to work any hours I wanted as long as I had another team member to partner with me. I got to meet celebrities, go to fun private events, get into tons of concerts for free... and I got to meet hundreds of new people every day in the city of Chicago, talk about networking! This is where I learned to network, part of our job was to find new places and events to send the team to, and the best way was by going up to people and asking them if they knew of anything fun in the city. Now as a recruiter I still get to talk to tons of new people everyday, albeit for jobs or references, but I still have fun with it and that's why I do it. :)

Michelle, That is awesome!  Thanks for sharing.  Will

My best job was as a tour guide.  I loved showing people the sights and sounds of my city.  I met the most interesting people from all over the world.  I put together custom tours for architectural firms, family reunions, corporate spouse business trips and senior citizen mystery tours.  It was a blast and the tips were good, just not enough for work for a full time gig. 

That sounds fun Marcia! That does sound interesting and I bet you met a lot of interesting people!  

I was a ski and snowboard instructor in Germany for 2 years...that was amazing.   In the summer I'd do odd jobs, sailing help, hiking guide, campground guy etc.  But winters were epic


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