Would like to see a "show of hands" How many recruiters use excel speadsheet to track Daily/Weekly/Activities.

Let me know if you are a Corporate recruiter, Staffing or Search firm.

Regards, Cynthia

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I do and I'm a corporate recruiter. It's for my own personal organization, not something anyone else looks at.

Exact same answer as Amy.


With today's technology this task can easily be automated. You can dump the daily/weekly data into a spreadsheet if you prefer or use a BI similar to Tableau. 

As a self employed recruiter, I would rather spend my time recruiting than filling out reports.  Curious what tangible value those doing this can report (bottom line value - not just nice to have information).


with 30+ reqs at any given time I just can't keep that much info in my head. I still use an old school white board and color coded dry erase markers, but at the end of the day / week / month it's helpful to be able to refer back to my spreadsheet and know exactly where I am with each req and active candidate.

@ Amy - Snap. Although I need a seperate sheet to track the colours...!

Excel - its the past - its the future (says my wallet carrying boss).

Having an idea of your numbers has to be one of the top keys to success in agency recruiting.  Keeping track of your activity only takes a few seconds each day.  Why in the world would you not want to know your own stats?

I keep a spreadsheet too, but it's for my personal use because I work for a search firm.  It helps me track my active candidates and where they are in the interview process.

Independent recruiter, use spreadsheets -  but not as consistently as I intend to! And we have 2 newer people in our office and we are going to start having them use them as well because it will help us and them keep track of what they're working on, the stage of each order and candidate, etc.

I use Lotus 1, 2 and 3.

recruiting agency, using excel too. But I drop down important point with a pen and paper

I don't because I am an independant recruiter and work on just a few positions at a time.  If I had dozens of reqs like corporate recruiters often have then I would probably use Excel.  When I was a corporate recruiter (seems like a lifetime ago) I did indeed use Excel or some other spreadsheet. 


I tend to put alot of notes or reminders to myself in Outlook Calendar on next steps with hot reqs and candidates. 

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