Searching ALL Craigslist resumes with one string!

Here’s a way to search ALL Craigslist resumes at once, without having to go city by city, and running the same search over and over again. I think I’ve found a solution that is much faster and way more effective! In any case, it’s a good bit of information to have, just in case you ever need it.

So I see a common denominator when opening the resume link of any craigslist sub-site. It is the change in city. The things that stay the same across the entire site are and the inclusion of /res/ in the URL…example:

If you are narrowing your search further there would be a sub region added to the URL, but I wouldn’t recommend it…example:

Since we don’t want to narrow the search geographically we want to isolate the common factors. And since the titles are different, depending on the author of the posting, we want to exclude an intitle: operator. The things we want to have remain in the search string would be and res. The commands would be AND inurl:res Just put these commands in your normal Boolean String.

Here’s what I was thinking as an example: Software (engineer OR developer OR architect) C++ inurl:res  or inurl:/res/ (whichever command would have higher yield)

Try it out…and tell me what you think? Let me know if you have any questions about this.

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Hi Amber,

When you build a search string and want to find local candidates you may want to use the city/state names, area codes, zip codes, names of local competitors etc. as part of your search string. Let me know if you want advice on that.

However, since craigslist (used by Shane in the posting above) is local by its nature, I think it would be the easiest to simply look only on local craigslist(s). Here's how.
First, go on and find the site names that you need based on geography.
Suppose you look in OR. You will pick from the URLs for the local craigslists:

Your search will then look like this:
(engineer OR developer OR architect) C++ inurl:res inurl:portland OR inurl:eugene OR inurl:corvallis

If there's only one local site you could search there using craigslist search itself; however, Shane's way may still help a bit since (I think) craigslist doesn't support Boolean operators.

One last thing, do not expect Google to pick all the resumes. It takes time for Google to come back to a site to index it. You will probably see just a portion.

One very last thing, some links you will get on Google will end in something like /res/index200.html and those are lists of resumes, not resumes.

Hope this helps.

Amber L Hall said:
I want to narrow down my search geographically. My cients don't want to relo anyone, especially in this market. Please add the geographically parameters using your example URL (Software (engineer OR developer OR architect) C++ inurl:res) and repost.
Hi everyone,

OK, I tried this and got zero results. I still consider myself to be a rookie with search strings. Can you tell me what I did wrong? I am looking for a Marketing Manager in the LA/Irvine area and this was my string...

(marketing AND manager) inurl:res inurl:san diego OR inurl:los angeles OR bakersfield


Hi Karen,

Try (marketing AND manager) inurl:res inurl:sandiego OR inurl:losangeles OR inurl:bakersfield
(it seems your results will come from LA and SD but not bakersfield). Notice that I removed some spaces in your string.

This is great, Thank you
Thank you so much for sharing this.
Some search engines won't like the use of AND (that's only needed on sites like Monster), nor the lack of parentheses around the OR clause. Better syntax for Google (this also runs on Yahoo, BTW, and may yield different results):

marketing manager inurl:res (inurl:sandiego OR inurl:losangeles OR inurl:bakersfield)

As for the earlier comment that some Google results will end in something like /res/index200.html and those are lists of resumes, not resumes, you can eliminate those by adding -inurl:index to the end of your query.
I am looking for oil and gas engineers and they can come from anywhere as long as they have the proper Visa or are a US citizen. How would I do that? Also, is this string put in Google and Yahoo or other search engines in the same format? Thanks! Shari
Thanks for the info
I'm new to this group, but somewhat familiar with internet sourcing and Craigslist. After spending an inordinate amount of time noodling out how to search Craig for resumes and setting up a search tool for Craig (, I discovered Craigspal. The free version displays some ads which aren't all that intrusive. I expect the paid version eliminates the ads. I haven't investigated if there are any other advantages to the paid version because I get most of what I need with "freebie".

What I like about Craigspal is that you can create global searches (in the most literal sense, since it allows searching other countries) or geographic searches (country, region, or city) and allows you to focus on just resumes. If you want to get out of the business of creating, tweaking, etc. of Google searches for CraigsList, CraigsPal is a winner.
Here's a slight correction: There's no need for parenthesis in Shane's Google example.
(If you are writing your string and are uncertain, start with the advanced search page and take a look at the string Google constructs.)

Also, while comparing the success of a search string on different search engines it's good to make sure that you follow the syntax of each one.


Shane Threatt said:
When writing a search string the "OR" operator should always be contained within a parenthesis.
ex: (developer OR engineer)
I have better string here you go inurl:res keywords ( | |
Have you tried running your search strings at All of Craigs at This will search classified postings on Craigslist nationwide. You can simply put in keywords like "SQL Developer" and city for example. You'll get job postings as well as resumes. Refine your string to weed out the postings.



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