Best Night Line:
"I hate having my words recorded! It's just a personal thing! lol!" ~ Denyse Diem

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Maureen I agree, D. Well, that's it for tonight - thanks for coming D! Email your questions!

Denyse Diem agree to disagree, I always say!

Denyse Diem I mean anyone who doesn’t like what you have to say. It's just your opinion - they dont have to agree!

Maureen Oh - yeah, I agree. Me too - sometimes I am so full a' myself!

Denyse Diem people tend to have a hard time getting over themselves! including my self at times i must admit!

Maureen Who's that? Chat is definitely ginky tonight...

Denyse Diem I think if they can't take the direct approach, they need to grow up or get out

Denyse Diem yeah - I hope to live in CA for some period in my life. Didn't think I would be traveling like this tho....have to source a new job for my hubbie! LOL!

Maureen There are some who don't like what I say (or how I say it) Denyse - as you get more into this community you will find out...

Maureen I love Texas! And CA!

Maureen That's right there is-when I first started sourcing my two biggest states for customers were CA and TX. Consequently they ARE big states but still I think that says something...

Denyse Diem do you get into trouble? LOL! I hadn't heard of any - now I want to find out! LOL!

Maureen Dallas is a beautiful city.

Maureen In Dallas traffic? A 45 minute commute each way? NO THANKS!

Denyse Diem there is so much work right here in Dallas

Denyse Diem I agree M - the thing is - I would do it to see what the haps were in the medical world to create a niche for myself in sourcing in that arena - but the cummute is 45 mins each thanks

Maureen I don't suffer foolishness well anymore. That's why sometimes I get into "trouble" here on the boards...

Maureen I know I sound hard - I am!

Maureen Don't be fooled- he coulda' been playing you. The fact that he understands what a sourcer can do for his org leads me to think he may not be so green...

Denyse Diem that or stressed....didn't ask me a single question! I led the entire conversation - they sounded to desperate

Denyse Diem The recruiter who called me was very green.

Maureen Sounds like a grinder.

Maureen IF you can phone source you don't need any of that noise...

Denyse Diem I've seen this job posted for several months - looks like a grinder

Denyse Diem but it sounds like they want me to build their pipeline of candidates...

Maureen Be careful - there are some characters surrounding us - some sharpies who understand what value we bring to the table and will try to "lure" you w/ promises...

Denyse Diem so they have certain needs for certain specialties - ..yes, that's right...sorry I'm fading

Maureen Oh. And pay you a small salary w benefits and then something on the if-come. I see.

Denyse Diem opps - the day the doc starts the job

Maureen I don't understand...

Denyse Diem on site - sorry - they want me to be at their location near dallas.

Denyse Diem small salary w/benefits, comission only start the day they start the job

Maureen? What do you mean on sight.

Maureen How are they offering to pay?

Denyse Diem I was just offered a job to source for physicians only. On sight only tho.

Maureen I think there are and I also think we're just scratching an itch...

Denyse Diem I bet there are many applications for your sourcing that we are just not thinking of.

Maureen Yup.

Maureen I DID deal with characters. That's a good way of saying it.

Denyse Diem no wonder you prefer the telephone! LOL!

Maureen No - Mergers and Acquisitions but I could see application for marketing and advertising

Denyse Diem bet you had to deal with some real characters

Maureen I charged 12% of the sales price as a commission.

Denyse Diem M&A = marketing & advertising?

Maureen Yes - good way of saying it.

Maureen Busienss intellignece (M&A activity)

Denyse Diem so you were a broker for small businesses then? is that a good way to look at it?

Maureen Sales.

Maureen Good question. I have always thought many people could use sourcers.

Maureen All types - usually they had gross sales up to $5-10million - occasionally higher...

Denyse Diem who else uses sourcers?

Denyse Diem do you prefer one to the other?

Denyse Diem wow - what type of small business?

Maureen When I first started- recruiters - nowadays it's pretty evenly divided.

Denyse Diem so I had asked before so being so ruding interrupted...what entities yield the best jobs for you - recruiters? Hr depts?

Maureen So THAT'S why my head isn't in it. I could tell some real horror stories...

Maureen Me neither...

Maureen I sold small businesses for 22 yrs - you think it's hard to make a placement? Try selling a busines to someone nobody will hire - that's WHO buys small businesses many times!

Maureen No I only do phone banks when I have a need to penetrate a company for specific names...I don't data mine any longer though when I first started sourcing I spent many nights doing just that because I did not know what I was doing - it was a terrific learning ground for me...

Denyse Diem so do you just data mine even if you don't have an immediate need for a name - during the holidays I mean?

Maureen I don't want to have to develop relationships with people - the warm and fuzzy thing - I just want in and out - I enjoy the sense of completion a job started and finished in a few days gives me - placing requires months and months sometimes of sitting on pins and needles - who needs that? I'm not into any of that anymore.

Denyse Diem here=hear LOL! good lord!

Denyse Diem do you ever here of openings since you have good relationships with recruiters? And who are your major customers - recruiters, stand along company with an HR person needing help? WHo are the best folks to target?

Denyse Diem but you were at one point?

Maureen My head is not there.

Denyse Diem what's your personal reason for sticking to the sourcing end?

Maureen Doing placements is a whole different ball of head is not there anymore.

Maureen The thing they don't get is that I DON'T WANT TO DO PLACEMENTS.

Maureen I have never placed anyone. I get criticized occasionally for not doing so - people tell me I could make so much more money doing placements...

Denyse Diem so you never try to place people? Just the names? Can I get an idea of how lucrative this can get as opposed to placing someone with a commission - actually, that may be a topic of discussion at some point

Maureen Holidays and holiday weeks = Very valuable time!

Maureen I always use holiday time to my advantage - holidays are great -for instance, many people go on vacation in a week that holds a holiday - and some of these will leave VoiceMail messages with valuable information on them when they combine one day of holiday with two weekends and four more days in the week to be away for a total of NINE DAYS with using up only FOUR vacation days! See how that works?
So while they're away for those nine days they leave valuable info on their VoiceMails..."I'm on vacation - in my absence call..."

Denyse Diem re phone banks - do you usually use holiday time to call into companies

Maureen Sharib Yes and No, this isn't the only Magic chat. There are two other chats on the MagicMethod network – Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon EST. Here.

Denyse Diem no - the magic chats....this is only the one here right? at midnight I mean? do you have chats elsewhere?

Maureen It's an idea...maybe those who read this may want to offer their ideas on the subject...

Maureen These chats D? You feel that way about these chats?

Denyse Diem I wonder if instead of posting the chats, you just post a summary

Maureen No phone banks this weekend.

Denyse Diem it's a little frustrating reading through chats with all the banter, etc., I must admit. You have to read through a lot of conversation to get to actual points

Maureen ALOT of people feel that way abt recording themselves - and it's even worse in sound - Animal has a hard time getting people to participate ont he Animal show because most people suffer mike fright... I know this to be true because one of my best sourcers comes out of the radio business and she says it's a common fear in broadcasting school...

Denyse Diem so let's get to some meat then, shall we? did you call a bunch of phone banks over the weekend or were you too busy with the FL trip?

Denyse Diem can't wait! Thanks for always trying to make it better!

Maureen It will be much smoother - much easier to read I think.

Denyse Diem okay - i'll pose my question/favor in a email to you then if you don't mind.

Maureen I am in the process of revamping the delivery of Magic - you will be very pleased with the new format I think.

Denyse Diem I hate having my words recorded! It's just a personal thing! lol!

Maureen The longer lessons were sent to you in word so you can open, print (or copy) and read away from the 'puter.

Maureen Yes.

Denyse Diem by the way - is this going to be posted as well?

Denyse Diem a lot of folks who can't attend b/c of work might be reading these tho...hard to choose

Denyse Diem so don't get mad but last two weeks were a total blur and I still haven't been able to get to opening the first module. I didn’t notice that there was a note that the material could not be copied. I have a question or a favor to ask....

Maureen Many people like to read these chat logs - I am thinking about changing these chats to allow only PEOPLE WHO ATTEND them to be able to experience the chat - in other words - NOT make the logs available to EVERYONE – maybe only to those who attend regularly and registered MagicMethod students. It’s just a thought at this point. I think it would really improve attendance and participation.

Maureen The ning chat does that but it does not allow to create a legend - this one will tell you how many are online but I guess Jason forgot to turn that function on when he switched from the ning chat tonight...ning chat tells you WHO is online as well - but it has no legend function...

Denyse Diem Last time we were here there was some sort of counter that said how many folks were online and who many admins.

Maureen I know what you mean - chat seems "sticky' tonight - is it for you?

Maureen Who knows D there may well way of telling...

Denyse Diem I wasn't sure I'd have the energy to make it tonight - long day

Denyse Diem oh- i misunderstood - I thought you said there were 16 of us here

Maureen That's okay. Have you done phone banks since you started attending these classes?

Maureen D I can't see who or how many is online so it may be just the two of us...

Maureen It's more like a sales approach and for most people - sales is the LAST THING they want to be doing! I think old school recruiting may have attracted more sales types than administrivia types which what recruiting seems to suffer with today in many respects...

Denyse Diem yes M -I see your point

Denyse Diem Anyone else here want to chime in? you mentioned things we can do on phone banks or at night that would be good to get information in the chat description...anyone here call phone banks at night?

Maureen It's a FAR DIFFERENT approach - far scarier for most people to approach someone who the likelihood is (80% or so) that they're NOT LOOKING for a job! In fact many times that's what the truly passive candidate says many times - first thing out of their mouths!

Denyse Diem then the questions did you get my name, etc...

Maureen Yes - Lou.

Denyse Diem I've heard that name come up a lot - is that lou adler?

Maureen Very FAR CRY from "This is so-and-so, we have an open position and we identified you hoping you might have an interest in our open position..."

Maureen "This is so-and-so, I have your resume before me..."

Maureen yes you have to call the candidate D BUT THINK what that call is like...

Maureen BUT the trend makers have taken notice - I see guys like Adler giving it alot of attention and because he gets a pretty high profile (at least on ERE) things are changing...

Denyse Diem Maureen the Sourcing Evangelist

Maureen It's still very true today. I set out to change that. It's changing but very very slowly.

Denyse Diem but if you rely on the boards don't you eventually have to call the candidate???

Maureen It's what got me active - Abt 4 yrs ago I read an article on ERE by Dr. John Sullivan - he said many recruiters and most hiring managers don't know what sourcing is. I was stunned.

Denyse Diem who can share - sorry long day= typos

Maureen I think old school knows what it is but the last generation (last ten yrs or so) have come up relying on the boards and the Internet and because it's less "pressure" to do things on a keyboard that doesn't push back at you many have never learned the ability to work the phone like it was once necessary - make sense? Anyone else have any ideas?

Denyse Diem are there any recruiters here who share?

Denyse Diem I think that many dont want to share the commision or don't see how they can increase their revenue with a sourcer

Denyse Diem 95% of the recruiters I network with to learn more about the industry are stumped by what I want to do as a sourcer!

Maureen Good question D. I DON'T KNOW. Beats the hell out of me. I have my suspicions though...

Maureen I suspect. Maybe he can clarify that - he probably has and I wasn't paying attention...

Denyse Diem why do you think that most recruiters don't know what sourcing is or rather that sourcing is its own industry

Maureen GREAT recruiters can phone source. But, as in all things, few are great. It's one thing that contributes to greatness though, I strongly believe...Bill Vick says - ALL Big Billers use sourcers on the front end! Not sure how it's broken across phone/Internet but I SUSPECT a good number use phone sourcers.

Denyse Diem but that was many moons ago

Denyse Diem in the past I did Executive Dev. at a large financial institution in NYC and the previous to that some recruiting with Manpower

Maureen Then you ARE a phone sourcer!

Denyse Diem yes, for my self at this point.

Maureen For your own recruiting efforts?

Denyse Diem getting back into recruiting that is...

Maureen You probably do your own sourcing right?

Denyse Diem

Denyse Diem interested in getting back into it

Denyse Diem I'm taking some liberties I suppose - I will be a telephone sourcer

Maureen You also do recruiting?

Maureen Denyse - how long have you been a phone sourcer?

Denyse Diem you are a motivating teacher!

Maureen I'm going to write an article about cultural sourcing -I'm collecting information from anyone who wants to submit any - one subject will be how important it is to understand what time it is where you're calling - Hong Kong is what? 13 hrs ahead of us?

Denyse Diem Hello folks, my name is Denyse Diem and I'm a Telephone names sourcer/ Researcher - some recruiting here in good ole Dallas, TX

Maureen Denyse - you are really an avid student - you enjoy these chats? Yup, it's 12

Denyse Diem okay - so it's midnight at your part of the world!

Maureen Thank you for attending the Saturday night MidnightMagic chat -would you all like to introduce yourselves?

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