I see this group is beginning to assume life even though I basically formed it and then exited for other pastures. Recruiting Animal (he of www.recruitinganimal.com and www.recruitingbloggers.com) recently advised me that this joint was shakin' and if I knew what was good for me I'd get my rear end back in here and pay some attention to what was going on. I always try to follow Animal's advice because I believe he is one of the most astute voices in our sphere. Two days ago he solemnly advised me that I should change my email address to maureen at namesourcer.com; I obediently and immediately complied - we'll see what happens next. I also decided to follow his other piece of advice.

That's what I am - a name sourcer. To be specific, I am a Telephone Name Sourcer, not to be confused with my associative brethren, Internet Name Sourcer. Not that the two don't cross over - they most definitely do! And they can happily coexist next to each other.

Now that we have that out of the way, why don't you tell me about yourself?
Why did you join this group?
What would you like to learn in this group?
Are you an Internet or a Telephone Name Sourcer (if you're a sourcer at all).
How did you get into this arcane business?
Do you work for yourself or for someone else?
If you're a recruiter who joined this group, what is it you'd like to get from this group? As a recruiter, do you name source? Like it? Do you have others do it for you? How does that work for you?
What is it about sourcing that draws you in?
How did you first hear about name sourcing? Did it sound odd in your ear? Does it still?

Are you a member of:
Yahoo Sourcers Guild?
LinkedIn Sourcers Guild?
Yahoo Sourcers Unleashed?
MagicMethod training program? This is the telephone name sourcing program for which this group is named.

If any of you sourcers would like to be listed FOR FREE in the March 15 release of "The Sourcers Book", send me (to maureen at namesourcer.com):
Company Name
Street Address
E-mail Address
Sourcing Services Offered (a brief description) - Be sure to note if you do Telephone sourcing or Internet sourcing/list your training/certifications and anything else you deem as appropriate but try to keep it to a low roar best you can.

We can make this group as vibrant as any of the other telephone discussion groups but it's going to take your involvement. Tell us something about yourself today.
Do something today you don't think you can do.

Maureen Sharib
Telephone Name Sourcer/MagicMethod Trainer
513 899 9628
TechTrak.com, Inc.
maureen at techtrak.com

My NameSourcer blog: http://tinyurl.com/33qezt

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