Recently Overheard InTake Call Exchange Between A Hiring Manager And HR Director:

HR Director:  “Are you on LinkedIn?”


Hiring Manager: (sheepishly) “No.”


HR Director:  “Good!  I don’t want anyone poaching you away!”


It was said in jest but you know what Winston Churchill said about jokes:


"A joke is a very serious thing."


I sit in on a lot of Intake Calls with a lot of Hiring Managers.  


I insist on it because I want to not only meet the Hiring Manager and hear how they think but I also want to ask specific questions about the job that the recruiters are sometimes hesitant to ask.


You know - the questions they think they should know the answers to.


I ask the dumb questions but in asking them I usually get the group loosened up and laughing.  


Once the guard is down and things aren't so formal people are more apt to say the things that are on their minds that they wouldn’t say if they didn’t feel somewhat safe in saying them.


One of the questions that many times does come up from one of the recruiters to the Hiring Manager is a bouncy and convivial, “Are you on LinkedIn?”


The response is many times a mixed bag of messages/here are just a few I’ve heard in the recent past:


“I don’t have much time for that.”


“My attorney advised me last year to take myself off it.”


“I signed up for that but I started getting so much crap mail from it I went in and turned everything off.  I’d take myself off the damned thing if I could figure out how.  Do you know how I can do that?”


“Uhhh…I think I signed up for that once.  Tell me again – what is it?”


“Yeah, I belong to it.  I use the groups.  I think it’s great.”


For every four to five negative comments from Hiring Managers I hear a positive one like the last one above but that’s about it.


I always hear the muffled, chagrined surprise to the negative responses from the recruiters in the mix – they don’t quite know what to make of it all as they all think LinkedIn is the greatest thing since sliced breads (who in the recruiting/sourcing community doesn’t?) but compare this to the public’s angry response in the comments section to this September 21, 2013 New York Times article reporting on the LinkedIn lawsuit being brought by four LinkedIn users “accusing the business-oriented social network of accessing their e-mail accounts without permission, harvesting the addresses of their contacts and spamming those people with repeated invitations to join the service.”


The worldwide perception of the networking behemoth is far different from the Lilliputian world many sourcers and recruiters live in with their myopic outlook on how the world works but be that as it is it seems to be dawning on some in the recruitersphere management that, as one recruiting pundit put it not long ago, “Your workforce is now under attack by every recruiter who now has the latest version of LinkedIn Recruiter."


Read that again.


“Your workforce is now under attack by every recruiter who now has the latest version of LinkedIn Recruiter."


If you think I’ve got it wrong here I’d love to hear why.


Don’t be afraid to say so, even ‘though Big Brother LinkedIn is watching.


“When we speak we are afraid our words will not be heard or welcomed. But when we are silent, we are still afraid. So it is better to speak.”             ~Audre Lorde

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I'm not sure if being deathly afraid of your employees getting poached is either healthy or rational.  We're all adults here; if a recruiter really wants to find you, they will somehow!  And if someone sends you an inMail, doesn't mean you're suddenly walking out the door.  

I've noticed all the negativity about LinkedIn lately, and I'm sure they deserve it, especially from the perspective of us 3rd party Recruiters.  I've had a paid Recruiter account this year and been sorely disappointed with the ROI and the way I've been treated as a customer.  Please please don't buy into it, guys!!  there, I saved you some $$!!

Next year I'm going to try going commando for a while and see if I can get basically the same results from LinkedIn without paying a dime.  I'm pretty sure I will. 

I think people are just realizing the reality of social networking!  No wonder these geniuses like Zuckerburg are so rich; they figured out how to get people to WANT to give up all their personal information for free, so that they could in turn sell it.  {sigh}

Leah, thanks for commenting.

The great thing about all this I find is people are finally coming out of the shadows unafraid to speak their minds.

It's kind of like the munchkins reappearing in the Land of Oz after the WickedWitch is done away with.

Now all we have to deal with is the Wizard and it seems he is being defrocked as well.

It seems that the hiring manager who is scared their employee will leave hates LinkedIN because it is WORKING.  And working just the way it was intended to: make connections between professionals.  Employees are loyal sometimes to a fault.  However, companies have many times taken advantage of that (why does it require leaving a company to get a decent increase in pay in most situations?).  LinkedIN may get watered down by some Spam and people who do not use it properly.  With a strong network and good research skills, recruiters and candidates looking to make a change can use it to amazing ends. 



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