I'm a rookie to the recruiting game, coming out of years in sales management in the mortgage/banking world. In that business, there is a lot of rejection from realtors, developers, builders, etc. while trying to build your book of business. Is it the same in the recruiting world?

What's been your experience with making cold calls/cold e-mails/walk ins to companies to attempt to sign them up with your recruting company?

Anyone have some best practices they want to share?

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John, if you've ever had a root canal you'll know it doesn't make any difference if your selling mortgages or recruiting. I think the same applies to rejection.

Check out Scott Love's video Overcoming The Fear of Rejection.

If you like you can give me a call and I'll hook you up with someone in town who may be a good contact to help you transition.

Ami G.
Amitai referred me to you. I'm a trainer in the recruiting business, and have been in it for thirteen years.

As far as rejection goes, look under the video section of recruitingblogs and you'll find my youtube video about overcoming rejection. Yes, there's lots of rejection out there, but this is really a high-end sales business, nothing more than that. Remember, every conversation you are in with a prospective candidate or client, you have to answer this question:


Why should they listen to you?
Why should they work with you?
What's in it for them?
Think in terms like this:

1) What's the benefit of your service?
2) What's the benefit of that benefit?
3) How will you benefit them on a personal and an emotional level?

I'd recommend that you journal with those three questions, once for clients, and once for candidates.

Ask yourself each of those questions as if you were in a conversation with a client prospect and then a candidate prospect.

If you can show value, then you won't be rejected, but you'll be welcomed as a partner.

When you develop new business, you have to realize that you are in a highly competitive business, where you will be trying to develop relationships with clients who already have relationships with search firms and staffing agencies. Look at the bright side: they are already a user.

What's the best way to get them to listen to you? Show something of value. I recommend starting with a candidate who wants to move, one who is exceptional. When you make first contact with a potential solution to their problem, they'll talk to you. And once they talk to you, hopefully they'll fall in love with you and give you more business.

I hope that helps.

My site has lots of free tools and downloads on it. It's a free site. You can spend hours learning the business from it without spending a dime: www.recruitingmastery.com. Also look at my other videos in the video section of recruitingblogs.com.

Good luck!


Thanks so much Scott.. I will visit your site this afternoon!
Hi John and welcome to the industry.

There are different approaches depending on the industry but it really comes down to your own style. Rejection is the same across the board. I personally like to work the phone as I find it less intrusive in people's jobs if they do not like unannounced visits. Of course, sometimes you just have to walk in a sit.

Whatever industry you are trying to build your book in just be yourself and rely on your own personality traits. It will get you in eventually. Coming from sales I am sure you already knew this.

I am not sure what training materials you have at your disposal. If you know of someone who can lend you a copy and/or purchase one yourseff, get the training DVDs from Peter Lefkovitz. I love his style as it matches with my personality. He is very, very, very good.

I hope this helps.



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