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Interview practice for a meeting with the CEO of Christmas

These two didn't practice their interview skills

Missed opportunity for job interview practice

Watching little kids go through another holiday season forces me to question the future of corporate America. There are plenty who feel I am insensitive and…


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Forget the candidate experience, think recruiter experience

evidence of a great recruiter experience
Forget the candidate experience

We have all read about the candidate experience.  I want to share an amazing “recruiter experience” I recently had…


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You just blew your phone screen and you didn't even say your name!

A by gone era of style, etiquette, and interesting HR
How you just blew your phone interview!

The phone screen interview determines whether or not you are going to move onto the next round, the in person interview.  You may have done your research and have prepared some great answers, but in the same way a lot of…


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What HR really thinks about your Office Halloween Costume

I loved working with this guy, what an Office Halloween Costume!


Office Halloween Costumes are one my guilty HR pleasures.  Up there with interviewing a young co-ed, delivering a pink slip to the office bully, and my personal favorite: reporting a 20% less yearly…


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Is your Executive Candidate Experience killing your company brand?

The executive candidate experience needs special attention.  We may think that every candidate needs special attention, but the fact of the matter is, these candidates ARE different and can kill your recruiting brand.   

I recently wrote …


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HBO's Hard Times, Lost in Long Island. How HR and recruiters can give back.

I just watched the HBO documentary Hard Times Lost on Long Island.  This was a 1-hour documentary profiling a few unemployed individuals living on Long Island and I highly recommend everyone watch it.  It should be required watching for anyone working in HR.  I watch movies to escape.  I want to watch movies so I don’t have to think about the real world, but…


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Rude Linkedin Introductions, you just sent one!

Illin' Linkedin Introductions

In the last few weeks, I feel like I suddenly got popular with all the Linkedin Introductions I have received.  Not in the “hot girl at the dance” kind of way and not in the "our company just got a billion dollar valuation" way.  Either my name is on wall in a bathroom stall or my Linkedin account hit a tipping point and…


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When do recruiters call back? What is taking them so long?

I recently received the following email from a reader and asked them if I could post their question as this is a popular frustration with HR and would probably help.  When do recruiters call back?  With their permission, I am reposting a condensed version below.


For about a month now, I've been down to the finish line at conglomerate, Company X. 

THEY called ME. I wasn't actively…


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When a candidate doesn't wash their hands. . .

If you are interviewing with a company, think of yourself as a restaurant worker after you use the bathroom.  Simply put: Wash your hands.  Your mother told you this every day growing up so that when you got into public, it would be a natural habit.  Good habits pay big rewards.

Picture this:  I go to use our restrooms and run into someone I don’t know coming out of the stall where “Number 2” business was just taken care of.  I say “hello”, he says “hello”.   It’s just a cordial…


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