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Sabbaticals: A Short Guide to Boosting Your Career

A growing number of companies are now offering sabbaticals for their employees.

In this article we dispel some of the myths surrounding sabbaticals, discuss the main types, and explain how to increase your chances of securing one.

Q. What is a sabbatical?

A sabbatical is an extended break from work agreed with your…


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Candidate Selection Methods: An Employer’s Guide to Making the Right Decision


You want to employ the best talent possible to strengthen your business, but what’s the best way to ensure you do?

Attracting a strong pool of candidates can be challenging enough, but once you’ve options, employers must avoid undoing all that hard work through a slow, poorly planned, or badly executed selection…


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8 Ways to Improve Your Employer Brand

Having a poor employer brand can mean your company loses out on hiring the very best talent. But what exactly is an ‘employer brand’?  

And what can organisations do to ensure prospective employees see their company in the very best light? 

In this article we discuss eight things you can do to make you more…


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A hirer's guide to engaging with contractors (what’s all this IR35 chat about?)

In my job, and with mounting momentum, I’ve witnessed over recent years, a growing number of professionals less and less inclined to slog out the 9-5, job for life, opting instead for the emerging, gig-based, flexible working lifestyle.

Businesses too continue to appreciate the financial and productivity benefits of hiring specialist skill-sets…


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Living and Working in Glasgow in 2019

1. Introduction

You most likely know Glasgow as one of the friendliest cities on earth or for its reputation as the former shipbuilding capital of the world. 

But what you might not know is that Glasgow is one of the best places to live and work in the UK.

Scotland’s biggest city, Glasgow is known for its rich…


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Scotland’s burgeoning fintech sector


Scotland has long been renowned for its financial services sector. But in recent years the country has also had considerable success in cultivating a rich and dynamic technology industry.

It is perhaps unsurprising then that Scotland is on the verge of becoming one of the world’s leading fintech hubs.

In this…


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Project Manager Interview Questions (And How to Answer Them Successfully)


Project managers play an important role across the financial and professional services sectors in Scotland.

It is an extremely competitive arena. Knowing how to steer your way through an interview, and present your skills and experience in the best possible light, will help you stand out.

In this article we look…


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How to Successfully Pass Background Checks in 2019

During the pre-employment stage, employers check the information presented on a CV to ensure an applicant has the correct credentials for the job before employment commences.

Simple errors or delays at this final stage of the recruitment process can hold up the start date of employment. Worse still, it can result in the job offer being…


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Paraplanning: A Career Guide

Paraplanning, in its own right, is a relatively new specialism within financial services. Historically, it…


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Fund Accountant jobs are in demand

It may not conjure up the glamorous images often associated with star fund managers and stellar investment analysts – the lurching Lamborghinis, the speeding Sunseekers – but fund accountants are very much in demand within the financial sector in Scotland at the moment. 

Over the last decade many of the global third party…


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How to Negotiate Your Contract Extension

Negotiating an extension can be the trickiest part of any contractor’s assignment. It can in some instances be the difference between building a successful career in consultancy – where you develop a real niche – and a jumpy, stop-start, short-lived, jack-of-all-trades one.

But little good advice exists on this topic and many contractors learn…


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PQE and Why it Matters to Solicitors in Scotland

The term PQE is heavily used within the legal sector in Scotland.

In this article we define what it means, assess its importance, and discuss some important recruitment issues associated with it. 

What is PQE?

PQE is an acronym which stands for Post Qualified Experience and relates to the experience built up by a…


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Hiring Managers: Talent vs Experience

As a hiring manager, what do you do when you have an urgent requirement and the ideal candidate doesn’t seem to be available? One option is to simply wait. But you could be waiting indefinitely. And in business you can’t really afford to. The only other option is to compromise. But where?

Being able to make concessions in the right areas…


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Choosing Job Titles: What's in a name

When trying to attract suitable candidates for a role, the importance of a job title is often underestimated. As it’s the first thing that a potential applicant will see, it’s crucial you get this part right. Failure to do so could mean losing out on the ideal candidate.

Here’s four things to keep in mind.

1. Include keyword…


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Women in Asset Management: Better career outcomes

The following article is based on a presentation delivered to CFA Institute members by Betsy Williamson, Managing Director of Core-Asset Consulting.

The event, entitled ‘Better Career Outcomes’, was organised by the CFA…


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5 Tips for Newly-Qualified Lawyers to Land Dream Job


If you are set to become a newly-qualified lawyer this year, March is an important time.

Beginning to focus on your first qualified role in early spring could give you an edge over other applicants in what can be a very competitive market.

Start your preparation now

In Scotland the majority of …


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How hiring managers can navigate the employment notice period

You think you've done all the hard work. The role profile has been written, the search has been conducted, the CVs have been sifted, the interviews have taken place, the personality profiling has been done, the screening is complete, and the start date has been arranged.

Your new employee is set to join in three months’ time. Now all you have…


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How to Recruit and Retain Millennial Solicitors

Much has been written about the millennial generation and its impact on the workplace in general.  

But what, specifically, can you do as a law firm to engage with this demographic group?

And what changes can you make to ensure you're recruiting and retaining the very best of Generation Y?

What is a…


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Walk me through your CV: How to answer well

You sit down at an interview, your mind is running through everything you’ve prepared – competency examples, technical knowledge, etc.

The interviewer starts with: “Can you walk me through your CV?”

Are you thoroughly prepared for this? Hopefully you are, as this is one of the most important sections of the interview. Here’s how you…


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Recruiting Fund Managers: Time to Diversify?

The asset management industry in Scotland – and the rest of the UK, for that matter – is grappling with a problem that cuts to the very heart of its existence. No, it’s not the pressure on fees. Nor is it investors growing love affair with passively-managed funds. 

Fund managers are suffering from a dearth of fund managers. If not…


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