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Personalizing Your Hiring Process

Has hiring got you down in the dumps?  You're likely not alone. Just do an internet search and you'll see scores of recruiters saying hiring is getting increasingly difficult.  They claim there's a lack of talent.  They claim there's too much competition.  And at the end of the day, many of these recruiters are likely not looking at the one thing that they can control: their…


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Innovate Your Recruiting Process and Attract Better Talent

When it comes to recruiting talent, is your recruiting process innovative?  Would you consider your company a leader in your space?  Is your recruiting exciting?  Do candidates feel they're part of something special?  If not, you may be stuck in the humdrum of recruiting in the past.  Like technology, the recruiting process is always evolving.  If your company is not…


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Does Your Employer Brand Empower Employees?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2.7 million people quit their jobs in July 2015.  Those are staggering figures considering there was a net 2.7 million new hires in July.  Part of this is driven by an economy that is increasingly gaining in health and vigor.  And part of it is the…


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What's Preventing You From Finding Qualified Candidates?

Time and time again, we hear that there's a lack of qualified candidates on the job market.  Despite record amounts of candidates entering the job market, this has been repeated by recruiters for months. In fact, recent studies have shown that recruiters feel it's harder to hire qualified candidates now than it was only 6 months ago.  But with an availability of so much…


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Enhance Your Communication, Enhance Your Hiring Process

For many people, communication is a learned skill.  Very few people are born with that intangible that is sometimes referred to as the "gift of gab."  My nephew has this skill: he can talk to any person about any topic under the sun quite convincingly.  He could spin one learned fact about a turtle into a whole talk about sharks at the aquarium. But to many others,…


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Stop Helicopter Parenting Millennials

For years now, we've been reading articles on Millennials equivalent to Chicken Little's assertion the sky was falling.  And certainly, it has been fascinating watching how work environments have grown to include 3 generations of employees.  But isn't it time that we…


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Are You Losing Good Candidates to these Recruiting Mistakes?

As the economy continues to improve, one thing is becoming quite clear: it's a candidate's market.  Career Network Beyondrecently released a study which cited it's harder…


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Can You Spot the Lies on Resumes?

It's an unfortunate reality that candidates aren't always honest.  Too often, candidates think that by exaggerating skills and experience, they can land a great job.  And they often do.  However, over time, it becomes apparent that they were a poor hire. According to background screening company…


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Interview Tips to Secure a Higher Role

At some point in your career, it’s likely you’ve considered applying for a role a step up from what you’ve been doing.  After submitting your resume and cover letter, you’ve been able to secure an interview. Success, the recruiting gods have smiled upon you! Not so fast; if you’re looking to compete with already established senior professionals, you’ve got some heavy…


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Are Your Employees Part of Your Employer Brand?

The recruiting world has had to think like marketers lately.  In order to compete for top talent, they've begun strategically communicating with job seekers in numerous ways. Many recruiters are now crafting engaging job advertisements. Other recruiters have created branded corporate career pages.  But few employers are incorporating their employees' voices into their…


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Are Job Hoppers Good for a Company

According to CNN Money, last year over 2.8 million employees quit their job in search of better salaries.  While that is often a great signal of the impending wage hikes and a strengthening economy, this can feel like a sudden brain drain for companies.  The healthy economy…


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Put the Candidate Back in Candidate Experience

In the HR/ recruiting space, there's often a buzz about the candidate experience.  Multiple recent studies have cited candidate experience as the number one reason why a candidate would choose one company over another.  When top talent seems in short supply, it's time to get creative.  It's time to enhance the candidate experience.  But what does an exceptional …


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