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5 Steps Recruiting Innovation:

Putting the Recruitment Innovation Summit in Perspective


I attended the Recruiting Innovation Summit hosted by ERE, LinkedIn, and Facebook's Richard Cho a few weeks ago.  The people, tone, and content of the event made it great.  It was well attended, and Richard Cho of Facebook is the man.  Attendees had an edge about them, giving you a sense that there is real momentum in the recruiting…


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Pay-Per-Click Marketing - We should do that! What is it?

Pay-Per-Click Recruiting in Today’s Dynamic Marketplace

Today, HireClix launched a new Recruitment Marketing Strategies White Paper – “Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Recruiting in Today’s Dynamic Marketplace”. It’s a primer on PPC recruiting that answers your often thought, but little asked, questions. …


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I Have a Confession, I was an Accountant - Digging Into the Unemployment Numbers

I have a confession. I was an accountant a long time ago in an economy far, far away. I’m a bit of a numbers junkie because of my background. So, I always peak at the U.S. Department of Labor unemployment claim numbers. Like many of you, I read them, understand them at the highest level, and consider them as an indicator of the economy. Fewer claims are good and more claims are bad, right?

Recently, I subscribed to several very good newsletters published by the U.S. Department of… Continue

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DOT JOBS: A Weapon of Mass Distraction

Stay Focused on Building Your Employment Brand

You need to ask the following question for each and every recruitment dollar you spend; is this developing candidates or is it a distraction? Put the .JOBS expansion in the distraction column.

Here’s the deal. Before, only employers' names can grab the .JOBS domain. For example, Now, the .JOBS domain will expand to industry and geography based names. For example, or… Continue

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New Optimism for Recruiting. Same Old Recruiting Budget?

Over the past month or so, I have spoken with startups, staffing firms, software players, a couple of hospitals and even some HR vendors. People are seeing signs of life and there is optimism in their voices. People are feeling good, and I don’t expect this good feeling to fade along with our summer tans. There WILL be momentum in recruiting this fall, and this is good news for job seekers, HR executives, recruiters and the economy.

Why am I… Continue

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So You Think You Can Dance? Pay-Per-Click Recruiting Edition

Benchmarking Your Organization for Pay-Per-Click Recruitment Marketing

I’ve asked each and every member of the HireClix team, whether they think they can dance. The answers ranged from no, to heck no, to things I’d prefer not to put in a blog. While we might not know how to do the worm, HireClix knows…


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Social Media as Part of a Balanced Diet

Even though hiring has slumped over the last couple of years, social media recruiting has been a hot topic and continues to gain traction. Many recruiters are already finding candidates through LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Other recruiters are still at the very early stage of understanding social media for recruiting. Guess what – it’s OK. If that’s you, you are really not that far behind.

Hiring is showing signs of life and it will become more critical to dip your toe and maybe… Continue

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Make an Appointment with your Recruiting Budget

Starting Again with your Recruiting Budget

Take a big step back and think about your recruiting budget. If you started from a blank sheet of paper and only one dollar, how would you use it? Would you keep pursuing the same recruiting strategies you use now or start from scratch? Would your job board spend be the same percentage it was in the past? Would you…


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Employment Brand drives Recruiting Independence

With fireworks and the good times of Independence Day fading in the rear view mirror, it’s time to gear up for the busy summer ahead in recruiting. The interesting part of this summer will be the unique challenges employers face building a plan for recruiting during the rest of 2010 while thinking strategically about recruiting in 2011.

Should you be optimistic? Should you be conservative?

Whether you are bullish or bearish on the future, the growing competition for talent… Continue

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Despite Recession - Engineers are Normal

People come to My Perfect Gig to look for their perfect engineering gig and in this economy you expect people to to be relentless. Some folks are unemployed and looking and other have a gig but are keeping their eyes open because many employers are making difficult choices and cutting to the bone (see WSJ article on severance pay). Despite all of the craziness and stress, we saw people pull away a little this week on the pursuit of career perfection.

We had St. Patricks Day and the… Continue

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American Tech Workforce is Tougher than Ever

Despite the massive layoffs across the board in technology from Big Blue to small-fry tech companies, there appears to be a streak of confidence among the masses. People in technology – engineers, software developers, IT, sales and marketing – seem to be a bit stronger through this crisis than in the past. Some of this may have to do with the bubble bursting on many of us in the dot com era. Or, it may have to do with the hope a new administration promises. More likely, much of it has to do… Continue

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