So You Think You Can Dance? Pay-Per-Click Recruiting Edition

Benchmarking Your Organization for Pay-Per-Click Recruitment Marketing

I’ve asked each and every member of the HireClix team, whether they think they can dance. The answers ranged from no, to heck no, to things I’d prefer not to put in a blog. While we might not know how to do the worm, HireClix knows recruitment pay-per-click. So, we put together a few questions for you to ask yourself as you think about whether you are ready to dance with a pay-per-click recruitment marketing campaign.

• Do you know how to control the jobs on job aggregator sites, avoiding expired jobs?
• Do you know why and how your organizations jobs end up sponsored by job boards?
• Do you know whether to start with job search aggregators or major search engines?
• Do you know how to market and promote tough to fill individual jobs?
• Do you know how to track the applicants from job aggregators into your ATS?
• Do you like the Rubik’s cube? (It’s 30 years old you know!)

Gold Star - If you said yes to four or more of these questions, then you know more than most people. Keep pushing ahead, but you should know that the dance routine only gets tougher.

Silver Star - If you said yes to two or three of these, you are probably ready to dip your toe into PPC recruitment. You may have even tested it once before and just need to fine tune your approach a bit. Be confident in what you learned on your first try. If you didn’t learn anything then skip to next rating.

Bronze Star - If you said yes to one or none of these, the Rubik’s Cube question was there to help you put a number on the board. It’s time to do some homework.

Whether you want to hear it or not, part of recruiting is now online marketing. The online recruitment marketing drives the candidate flow which helps you recruit and eventually hire. Need help understanding these concepts? Turn to the experts. Need help doing the Worm or the Robot? Let me know who you find. I could use help too.

Neil Costa is the CEO of HireClix, an innovative recruitment marketing agency focused on helping recruiting teams leverage interactive marketing strategies such as SEO, PPC Recruitment, Targeted Ads and Social Recruiting to reach their recruiting goals.

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