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Are you a 360 Recruiter?

This is a new one of those new terms that I have seen used throughout 2010 and my curiosity allowed me to look into what people actually meant by this. It seems that a 360 recruiter is someone that resources clients and candidates, recruits, account manages and everything else that’s involved in the whole recruitment process, hence the 360 (degree) bit, clever stuff!



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Counters Offers? How Your Candidates Should Deal With Them

A few years back I wrote an instruction sheet for candidates on how to look at a counter offer when they are presented with one at the resignation stage.

The content is fairly old school and you have probably seen it and said it to your candidates before, but for those of you that need a refresher or are new to the industry feel free to use and distribute it.

This always helped me with some counter offer situations but alas not all of them. Hope it works for…


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Ageism - Recruiters, Are You Just Being Politically Correct?

This topic can be quite a minefield and a conversation that may need to be looked at from many different angles. In the UK age discrimination has been unlawful in employment, training and education since October 2006. In the recruitment world in the UK there are strict rules in relation to posting job adverts, collecting… Continue

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Know Your Blogging Etiquette or Face the Hounds..

Ok, So we all have to start somewhere and I have recently launched myself into the blogging sphere and not without a few bruises along the way!! It seems that there is a protocol when it comes to the blogging world, but a protocol that you are not warned or advised about, it's similar to going on a roller-coaster for the first time and hitting a peak at the top with a vertical drop, nobody told you it was going to be there you just had to… Continue

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Bring back the Old or Bring in the New ?

Now I am all for new technology when it comes to benefiting my business processes. I have developed my skills in recruitment and sales through quite a few technological changes and started in recruitment with a Rolodex and some applicant cards (we now call them candidates!). We have been introduced to that wonderful piece of technology called the database or if you are really into your terminology I think the today's trendy description would be a CRM or Customer Relationship… Continue

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Open or Closed ??... That is the question.....

Those of us that have been fortunate enough to be involved in world of sales have at some stage in our career been taught the open questioning technique. It seems that regardless of technical innovations, wars, medicine, politics and anything else, the open… Continue

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New Business Development for recruiters made VERY Easy!!! Bye Bye Cold Calling.....

Busy Recruiters....

We know your day is full of sourcing, placing, searching and calling.

In between all of this you still need to continually business

develop, to bring in new vacancies and opportunities.

How many times have you made vast amounts of business development calls to clients, only to find out they are not recruiting? How would it feel to be able to call clients, knowing exactly when they were trying to fill a position?

If the team at… Continue

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New Business Generation for Recruiters made REALLY Easy

Being the Co-Founder of the global No.1 Vacancy Lead Generation system for the Recruitment Industry, I was delighted to see a review by the renowned Roy Ripper of Recruitment Juice who had some great things to say about our application, the link is here or take a look at the… Continue

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