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Being the Co-Founder of the global No.1 Vacancy Lead Generation system for the Recruitment Industry, I was delighted to see a review by the renowned Roy Ripper of Recruitment Juice who had some great things to say about our application, the link is here or take a look at the transcript below:

Technology is king in the world of recruitment and has been for many years. We have seen every tool developed for the busy recruiter, to recruit as quickly and as successfully as possible. Companies from all over have strived to create software applications, web applications, cloud solutions, CRM’s, job boards, online cv databases, multiple job posting tools, applicant tracking systems, cv parsing and maybe the kitchen sink thrown in for good measure!

The Recruiter’s box of tricks and gadgetry is endless these days and talking parsing, tracking and posting is the language of recruiters globally. These wizardry inventions covers just one area of the recruitment process, be it recording data relating to candidates, posting candidate information, posting job adverts and tracking responses…if you see where I’m coming from the whole spectrum of recruitment technology seems to have always looked after the candidate side of the fence.

Business development can be described as cold calling, warm calling, speculative cv sending and even scatter-gun approach and if you’re good, or even not bad, you will achieve a certain degree of success. Is this part of the recruiter’s role an easy part?….errr the computer definitely says NO!

Recruitment Advice from Roy Ripper

Out of all the recruiters who are asked if they enjoy business development or cold calling or any of the other fancy names that we give it, I would imagine that 90% would say it’s the toughest part of their job. Opening new doors when you are blind to what’s happening is a tricky thing to do with the consequence of wasted time on the phone with negative results, similar to the saying you have to kiss so many frogs before you meet the prince or princess! Business development can also turn into a frog kissing ordeal.

Recruitment training and advice from Roy Ripper

Now, technology for recruiters won’t make the placements for you, but it will post jobs, search cv’s and eventell you if a cv is good for a job. This great technology does not assist that lonely recruiter with sweat beads forming on his or her brow who has been slogging on the phone for two hours carrying out their business development session, call after call can be “sorry we are not recruiting”, “sorry no vacancies”, “sorry my cat’s died and I’m about togo sky diving” - yes we hear them every day, but we have no other choice but to continue our process without the aid of any technological assistance to help us….. Until Now!

About 18 months ago, I was approached by a guy named Mark Lennard who said, “Roy, I have a very exciting new venture that I want to get your take on”. My curiosity got the better of me and I met with this chap in a bar in London. Mark explained that he had an application that could change the way recruiters work and add a tool to the process that would give the recruiter the greatest piece of technology that they had had in a long time. I was intrigued. Mark apologised for coming across as trying to pitch the idea to me but askedme to listen to the following. He said “Roy, if I could show you a wayof monitoring every single one of your client websites and notifying you as and when a new vacancy had been added to the site, would you be interested?” Now before I could even say a resounding YES, he went on to say “if I could also show you a way of creating watchdogs of job titles relative to your sector, and then notifying you when new vacancies were uploaded on to client websites, would you be interested?” The grin on my face was getting wider as I grasped the potential of how well this idea could impact the industry.

A month ago, I received a call from Mark Lennard. I remembered him straight away from the meeting about this amazing proposal of a new tool for recruiters, which, at the time, was just an idea. Mark was upbeat in his voice and was excited to say that after a pain staking 18 months of development ‘MyResourcer’ was born and was living in kennels at (I won’t explain the kennels bit, leave you to work that out). Mark invited me to his London office for a sneak and confidential preview of this new piece of recruiters’ kit.

I was truly amazed and utterly impressed by what I had been shown. An application for the global recruitment industry that finds vacancies based on the recruiter’s market sector, an application that looks at company websites and tracks down the career pages and monitors them, an application that is so sleek and simple to use and would fit into the recruiter’s working day without any fuss.

This application is going places. It’s innovative, clever and also very simple too. Congratulations to Mark Lennard, Co-Founder and the team at MyResourcer in creating the recruiter’s new must-have application.

For more information, take a look at or call +44 (0)207 078 7990

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