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Hiring mistakes to avoid

Recruiting new staff is challenging and stressful…To avoid making hiring mistakes, it’s best to plan ahead. So apart from advertising the vacancies, looking at the time it takes to hire, getting the right number and quality of applicants and dealing with the admin burden, what else do employers need to look at? If handled properly, the hiring process can deliver a constant…


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How to create a strong employer brand

Branding is important and we all know that. A strong brand can make a company, and a weak brand can break it. Employer branding is even more important and I’ve mentioned why several times – a good employer branding takes an organization’s company culture, values, and story and makes it part of the overall brand. Moreover, employer branding is meant to directly impact an…


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Interview questions employers shouldn’t ask

All employers want to find out as much as possible about prospective employees in order to see whether they will be a good fit for the vacancy and business or not. And this is perfectly understandable! But, there are certain things that employers are prohibited from asking… Candidates are protected by several rights and there is some information that they are not necessarily required to disclose to prospective employers during the interview process.

Questions that do not relate…


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How to ruin your employer brand

I’ve already talked about the importance of building a strong employer brand and how essential it is to carefully nurture the relationship with job seekers and employees in one of my previous blog posts. And I hope all businesses, no matter how big or small they are, are aware of the importance of investing time and money into building a great and attractive employer…


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Applicant Tracking Myths

Are you considering buying an Applicant Tracking System but questioning whether it’s worth purchasing one? Many myths surround the value and use of ATS’s and many business do not completely understand what an ATS is, what it does and why they might need one.

Following on from one of my previous …


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Talent Acquisition Misconceptions

Companies today are forced to face a big talent challenge…acquiring, developing and retaining employees while always reflecting the key business goals of the organization. Employers want to make the most of their talent but are getting more and more concerned about their ability to leverage human capital. Successful companies are managed by…


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Employee engagement – put an end to workplace frustration

“Emotions are some of the main drivers of engagement” – Dale Cranagie 

In any company the employees are basically the front line, the face of a company and the advocates of a brand. Their level of engagement is decisive for the success of a business.  Engaged staff deliver better, remain committed to their employer and stay focus on achieving all the business goals whilst giving their best and being positive brand…


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Referral programs – an asset to any company

Referrals have become increasingly popular amongst recruiters to determine the right candidates for vacancies and one of the main reasons for that is the fact that people are more connected than ever before with new technologies so, recommending a friend or family member for a job has become an extremely easy…


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Are job boards being outdone by social media? Not really.

Following up on one of my previous blog posts, it’s pretty obvious that social media recruiting is not going to go away any time soon. But, this does not mean that the job boards aren’t vital anymore to the recruiting industry. They…


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The benefits of Social Media Recruiting

Recruiting the best candidates is critical to any company’s success today and many exciting tools have been created to help them find and source the key talent. But choosing the most suitable tool to meet an organisation’s specific needs can become a tricky job for employers.

There are lots of options to source …


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What job seekers dislike about job hunting

Looking for a job can be extremely challenging in this economic climate. Now we are hearing from a steady stream of job seekers who are being irritated by the application and interviewing process. Many job seekers are actually quite upset with what they perceive as “shabby” overall treatment. This is…


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Telecommuting – a new way to better recruitment and retention

What is telecommuting?

The definitions of telecommuting are quite diverse these days… From the recruitment point of view telecommuting is a business practice where majority of the work, if not entirely, is done and managed from a remote location eliminating the need to commute to the office on a daily basis.

A few years ago, it was hard to imagine someone working at…


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Instagram – from photo app to employer branding tool

Employer branding can be viewed as the sum of the total efforts of an organisation to attain a reputation of being a great place to work. Luckily, nowadays, companies are becoming more and more aware of its effects and several employer branding trends have been developed during the years.

One of them is Instagram.

Like everyone else in this…


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The art of increasing your recruitment productivity

Managing recruitment in an effective manner is one of the most efficient ways to improve a business.  Hiring is a difficult and time consuming task so, inefficient resourcing and bad selection leads to massive turnover and loss in productivity. A lengthy and complicated recruitment process can affect the clients, candidates and recruiters as well. Therefore, it’s…


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How to measure your employer branding ROI

As everyone knows, employer branding is crucial for companies to engage as well as retain employees, to reduce cost per hire and complement traditional branding efforts. Because the practice is still very new, defining its ROI in specific terms that have wide agreement can be quite challenging.

Before you jump into any measurements make sure you understand your…


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How effective are your behavioral interviews?

Many candidates seem to feel that they can easily customise their answers and fake their way  through different questions by telling the interviewers only what they want to hear.

What can employers do in such a situation? How can they get to the bottom of the matter? Will candidates really reveal their true personality, their work style and their problem-solving skills and…


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Do you have recruiting intelligence?

With technology advancing faster than ever, employers now have every available advantage to be able to hire efficiently and to provide a high quality candidate experience. HR teams need these tools to be able to move away from manual processes, such as sorting through hundreds or thousands of CVs or creating spread sheets, which let’s face it,…


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