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No candidates for dream job? Cant understand it!

Simply put I have spent the last couple of months looking for a good recruiter, preferably from a financial services orientated background, but as the weeks have gone on the lack of candidates is staggering!

You would think that living and working for an amazing company in the Cayman Islands would be a huge draw. Great earnings (Tax free), no commute, live on the beach and do what you love in a busy market with plenty of potential!

I organise a HR conference here and…


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Happiness Vs Engagement

I recently gave a presentation on this topic as I often feel that much of the HR vernacular is always around employee engagement and should be much more about employee happiness. Now my written word is about as eloquent as a line backer ice skating but try to bear with me!


I asked the audience the question “Can you be…


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Clock Watching - am I too old school?

Somebody very close to me recent started working in the city (London, England for my US friends). Being the first role out of university, all was

 and is very exciting for them. So, 6 months in and they are changing jobs which is pretty much par for the course at that age when you are finding out what it is you want to do etc…

However, I received a phone call when the new job offer letter came through and I wanted to take a pulse check and see what my fellow…


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Looking to meet Miami based Recruiters/leaders this week...

Hi all dont worry its not a sale pitch! I am interested to pick the brains of Miami based recruiters especially those in a leadership capacity working in the IT, Finance HR & legal sectors. I will be based in Brickell and will buy the drinks just thought I would see if anyone is about? You never know where off the cuff meetings…


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How many of you can relate to this "Candidate Emotion Cycle"

I see this pattern again and again not just with candidates I know, but with anyone suddenly finding themselves out of work. So I thought I would jot down the stages of  the "candidate emotion cycle". Of course the cycle can be broken at any time and is often done so by luck or by the amazing recruitment abilities of the recruiter but that is a topic for another…


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IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!

For those who were expecting that this British ex-pat somehow had a direct line to Saint Mary’s hospital in London and could deliver the news before he BBC I am afraid this post might disappoint you!

 I am actually referring to the social typecasting that happens simply in a name. How many times have you read a CV and thought this…


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My Best Career Mistake

Taken from the LinkedIn group of the same name I thought it appropriately apt to share on recruitment blogs.

My best career mistake, leaving stockbroking and becoming a recruitment consultant. It’s the age-old cliché that no one leaves university with the intent on becoming a recruitment consultant. Its like a calling, recruitment finds you! I have never heard a child when asked “what do you…


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Is your resume 6 seconds worthy?

A great article on LinkedIn this morning which is so true:

Is your resume 6 seconds worthy?

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Recruitment Bucket-list

I was reading an article about “30 things to do before you die” (

I especially liked points 5, 6 10, 17,18 and 30

  • Leave the job you hate
  • Find your purpose and live it full heartedly
  • Travel to the place you keep thinking about
  • Follow your heart
  • Risk…

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Would you hire these people?

Inspired answers to interview questions and scenarios taken form the archives of recruitment legend for some Friday fun – now would you hire these people?

1)   An interviewee was asked to sell a glass of water that was on the table in front of them. In order to do this they set fire to the bin in the room, which created a need….

2)   A nervous 16 year old applying for a position in the Royal Navey when asked the question can you swim ? replied 'why havn't you got enough…


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Please add me to your network….really? Tips to get me & others to connect..

I want to get peoples take on this, I try very hard to limit my LinkedIn connections to only people I could pick up the phone to and ask a question.  That way if you did really need an introduction to one of my connections I could provide that service for you, should I so choose. I understand LinkedIn’s philosophy of building your network especially so you can find others…


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#SHRM13 - World Record were you there?

My first HR conference, and helped set a world record. That’s right the largest gathering of HR Professionals happened this week in Chicago. As a recruiter, speaker and qualified HR professional I decided it was time I make the annual pilgrimage to HR mecca and I have to say I was not disappointed.

15,000 + HR professionals, recruiters, relocation service…


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Recruitment Envy?

What makes a recruiter switch firms? I mean really is it just about the possibility of earning more with another firm? Or do all recruiters want to manage large teams and then regions running a big firm? 

Some of the most successful recruiters I know have stayed within a firm or started their own firm and really locked down their niche market.

So my…


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Facebook Fails

Last week I hosted the 10th Annual HR conference at the Ritz Carlton here in Grand Cayman and we invited a 

number of international speakers to attend. One of whom was Ryan Kahn, host of MTV's HIRED program (@hired). Ryan spoke very well about the engagement of the Millennial's and it did strike a chord with me that we are…


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Possibly the best talent attraction video ever!

Ok so this is not your norm, BDO have been in business here in the cayman Islands for ten years and they wanted to celebrate with a corporate video. They asked us for our help and we were very surprised when they said they wanted it to be funny! An accountancy firm willing to mock themselves! I know its unheard of especially as they are one of the top ten accountancy firms in the world. But this video goes to show why they have been voted one of the top employers here in Cayman, why…


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Resigning does not mean falling out with your current employer or does it?


There have been a number of articles recently on this topic mainly from the point of view of the person having to resign; I especially like the editorial by Wendy S Goffe on the Forbes website

However it does present an atypical response to…


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Online Video – the new recruitment adverts?

Have you heard the statistic that the average person will read the first few lines of an advert or article before flicking onto something else if it does not grab them?  However on average someone will watch a 3 minute video even if it doesn’t grab their attention!

So this got me thinking why not start video adverts, to include a corporate profile, information on…


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Have you got "The Fear"?

No, not the Lily Allen song by the same name, but the innate fear of breaking one’s comfort zones following the initial euphoria of being presented with an opportunity to work abroad.

Having completed my second international move (this time to the Cayman Islands), it has struck me just how many people say “Wow, what a…


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Why Recruitment is like the Oscars!

I am one of those guys who likes to celebrate achievement. Society today can be too quick to judge something like the Oscars as sycophantic, narcissistic indulgence for the elite. But I disagree, in a world of 24-hour news that makes the heart sink, a night in front of the Oscars can really make you smile, especially now they cut the acceptance speeches right down!



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Social Media Vs Being Social

Every article I seem to read at the moment extols the virtues of using social media to network, some to the extreme; I mean really does having 500+ contacts on LinkedIn really help? Does having 500+ facebook friends really get you that job of a lifetime? I would say maybe.  Now I would not go as far as Thierry Breton, CEO of Atos who has banned email (…


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