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So you or your candidate needs a job And is frustrated!

Does this title resonate with you?  If so, it’s probably because you’re either looking for a job or recently spoke to a candidate that is really frustrated by how long they’ve been looking.  In either case, it makes complete sense for someone who has been out of work for a while to be feeling frustrated, angry, hopeless or depressed. 


Let’s start with a candidate scenario. While trying to find the perfect candidate, you come across a beautiful resume. You get the person on…


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The Makings of a Great Leader

This past weekend I attended “Energy Leadership” hosted by iPEC, where I’m training to become a Certified Professional Coach.  Their website is http://www.ipeccoaching.com/ if you want to look into coaching or Energy Leadership.  The reason I wanted to become a coach was two-fold: first it would give me an opportunity to work with people one-on-one in a non corporate setting, and second it would give me an opportunity to add value to my existing…


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The Most Important thing about Recruiting

Lately most of my blogs have been editorials based off of other people’s posts though this week I felt like writing something based off my own experience and opinion.  I’ve been recruiting for about 12 years and have had my own Executive Search firm since 2007.  Prior to forming ExecuSource where I focus on Senior to Executive level positions I was in the staffing industry placing technologists at all levels in contract and permanent positions.


I worked for a few different…


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I had a Dream

I know - very original title on the Friday before MLK day, but at least I’m current! Usually I try to write about something that touches me or inspires me that is related to recruiting. This week, ESPN did a story on Dr. King and how “whites and blacks” agree and disagree on various race issues in sports. I tried to find it on youtube to post it here for you and was unsuccessful. I get the feeling, knowing ESPN, that they’ll show it again so hopefully you get an opportunity to see the…


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Check Yourself

I originally was going to title this blog “Got Attitude” as my intention was to write an editorial on a blog by that title featured on INC magazine’s website. Then I thought copying the title might be some type of copyright infringement, so I went with Check Yourself, as in “you better check yourself before you wreck yourself,” like my man Ice Cube once famously rapped. Here is the link to the blog:…


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“We’ll take a Pass….too much turnover"

“We’ll take a pass, too much turnover.” If I had a $100 for every time I hear that I would probably be retired or at least self-employed by now. Of course that is a double entendre joke – I do work for myself and $100 is an adjusted rate due to inflation. I apologize for immediately digressing. My point is that it is up to us as recruiters to educate our clients what is an acceptable or average amount of turnover.


From this point forward, any statistic I quote will be taken…


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Recruiter Confidence High!!!

Yesterday I received an email from ExecuNet which had a link to a recent post on their website: “Recruiter Confidence Jumps Amid Positive Economic Indicators.” In the article they explain that they poll Executive recruiter’s confidence quite regularly and explain that in their most recent poll 61% of respondents were either “confident” or “very confident” that executive hiring will improve over the next six months.…


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I can’t leave unless it’s for a Promotion…Really?

Last week toward the end of my blog I was commenting on how the most liked people, not always the most gifted people, receive promotions. I intimated that I was going to expand on that topic this week. That comment was in response to the number of candidates who

have told me that they can’t make a move unless they get a promotion. I typically say something like, “OK, but I’m

not sure I understand, can you explain what you mean?” They think I’m a bit off at this…


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HR for Better or Worse

Yesterday Yahoo posted a great article on their home page, “10 Things the HR Department won’t tell you.” The article covers everything from getting an interview and passing its initial screening to staying off HR’s radar screen while employed. The author, Kimberly Fusaro, makes a lot of

great points. I…


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Tis the Season (Almost)

Dear unemployed or frustrated IT Recruiters,…


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Generosity – That’s your Currency!

Lately, I’ve been planning 2011. One of the things I have decided to do is more marketing and branding. Today, that typically means having a social media presence and blogging. This is my 4th straight week writing, which is pretty good since I have blogged about once every 3 months for the previous three years. Then I wonder why I have no followers. At first I had no idea what to write about this week, then after a rather positive networking call I was writing a thank you email to the person… Continue

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The Return of Hope

Remember all those t-shirts and bumper stickers that had Obama’s face and simply said the word “Hope?” One might say he was elected because of that one word or emotion. Considering the state of our stock market, real estate and job markets at the time of the election, it made sense to elect the candidate that gave us the most hope. What happened to all that…


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This Candidate is Really Smart! Really?

Often times in recruiting you hear recruiters and hiring managers discuss the intelligence of a candidate. Typically, recruiters lose this discussion…


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You may Say I'm a Dreamer...

If he were alive today, John Lennon would be celebrating his 70th birthday and by now, as he probably did nearly 30 years ago, all of his dreams, except unfortunately world peace surely would have been realized. Most of us have some kind of dream; whether we chose to go after that dream or not is a choice we make.

Initially, my dream was to be a professional boxer and then a pro football player though much to my dismay there is not a lot of demand for guys who are 5’8” and take at… Continue

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I'm Afraid of Americans

I know half of my audience will be thinking of the P-Diddy song from a couple of years ago when they read the title although I took the title from a David Bowie song of the same name. I’m not even sure if it is the best

title for my ensuing…


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Dave Jacks' 7-Step Guide to Finding a Job

Dave Jacks’ 7-step guide to finding a job

Most of you know me and know I’m a recruiter and that I try to get out and attend networking events as much as possible. Often people ask what do you do and as soon as I say “I’m a recruiter,” they explain

that they or someone close to them needs a job. They probe a bit and I

explain the areas we focus in and encourage them to send me their

resume regardless of whether their in an area we focus in and…


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Faith & Effort

I wrote this after midnight in one take and hope it makes sense:).

It’s been a while since I’ve written or posted anything to Recruitingblogs or even my own blog or community. To be honest, the reason is I wasn’t sure if I was going into or out of business with my new company, ExecuSource. I had to table part of my business plan and

put all of my efforts into developing my new business. That is, when I wasn’t…


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Heroes of the Economic Recovery

Yesterday I received my copy if the Inc 500 issue in the mail. Inc magazine is in my opinion the best publication dedicated to entrepreneurship. As I read the introduction it occurred to me that the CEOs of the companies on this list are today’s heroes.

There are other role models, and other inspiring figures from Obama to Lance Armstrong to Steve Jobs but who is really going to create the most jobs over the next few years. Who is manufacturing their products here in America and who… Continue

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What makes me a Smart Recruiter

Below are 5 things that make me a smart recruiter:

5. Know your role as a recruiter. Our role is to work for the client and as an advocate for the candidate. This means that if someone isn't right for your client no matter how much you like them doesn't matter. Helping people, especially in times like these, is a nice thought though we are not social workers. When we do find who we feel is the right candidate however it is up to us to be an advocate for them and convince the client… Continue

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What's there to be Thankful for in a Recession

This was posted as my first blog at http://davejacks.wordpress.com/ though belated I wanted to share it with the RBC community.

What’s there to be Thankful about during a recession?

For starter’s Thanksgiving is an American Holiday and it is OK to wish someone a Happy Thanksgiving regardless of their religion or race; there is nothing offensive or politically incorrect about saying Happy Thanksgiving. In fact, in the last week many people have said “Have a Happy Holiday”… Continue

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