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Diversity Sourcing & Recruiting - HIREconf Preview

The push for diversity talent is a major initiative within corporations.  This is no easy task by any means.  You are dealing with a smaller candidate pool than normal.  The level of difficult is magnified and sometimes you are looking for diversity candidates who are minority within their own group!  

Diversity programs should exist on 3 fronts: Recruiting,…


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The Power of TMTOWTDI in Talent Acquisition - Part I

If you are a programmer, you understand the meaning and power that TMTOWTDI (pronounced TIM-TOADY) can give you.  It originates from the world of Perl but also programming practices in general  it means that for every solution to a problem, there is more than one way to do it.  There are different ways write the code in order to achieve the desired results.

Now before I receive…


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Follow the Process...Even in an Ocean of Candidates

While having an email exchange with my friend Lisa Amorao (@leese), she mentioned to me a certain req that she needed filled.  As we talked, I figured out that this was a req unlike most.  As we went…

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It's Tool Time: Google Domain Blocker


That's right, ladies and gentlemen!  It's Tool Time!  That is, tools for your web browser and tools to help automate your sourcing life.

Last week at a conference, I was talking to a like-minded sourcing guru/technophile.  You know him by his real name: Dean Da Costa.  As we talked about sourcing tools, add-ons, extensions, and whatnot, we talked about blocking domains from search results on Google.

Now for years I have used a Greasemonkey (or Tampermonkey…


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Crossing Over to the Other Side - From Agency to Corporate

Hiring Technical Recruiter or Sourcer with agency background experience has always been a trend. Why is this? What are the skills that agency recruiters and sourcers have that make them appealing to leaders of corporate staffing teams? Also, if you do work on the agency side but want to break…


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When the Boss Asks for the Inconceivable: Sourcers Must Call Candidates!


If you’re a sourcer and thinking about this headline, you might start having an anxiety attack, sweating profusely, talking like Porky Pig, or begin planning how you will get out of your current contract in order to avoid the phone.  (And if you weren’t thinking about this before, you certainly are now!)

Fear not, true believers!  This is something that you have experience with already. …


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Guilty by Association


Professional Associations and organizations are a great source of passive candidates.  These groups focus on an industry or a discipline, and allow people with similar interests to network together.  The group’s focus can be technical or functional (G&A).  The larger ones have local chapters throughout the nation.

Functional (G&A) Examples:

  • AAA…

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How to Win the War for Talent


A step-by-step guide by Mark Tortorici.  Every few years or so, it happens.  Someone declares a “War for Talent”, battle lines are drawn, and then candidate poaching begins.  Now while some of this is a little sensationalist, it is also very true.  Any company, who wants to not only attract the best & brightest, but also the best personality & culture fit, must set themselves…


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Sourcing is like an Onion…you must peel it back

digital onion

We live in a world of automation.  We want to speed things up.  Or at least that’s what we want when we’re doing mundane things that are wasting our time.  It comes down to 2 things: FRUSTRATE or AUTOMATE.  FRUSTRATE: sitting in traffic going 3 MPH and watching squirrels walk faster than you.  AUTOMATE: adding a 360-degree jet-propulsion system to your car and flying over everyone.  FRUSTRATE: using a sourcing method that is cool…but takes too many steps for it to be…


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How to Source without Saying a Word


Let’s face it. Some people just don’t want attention. It’s hard to believe that. Especially in this over-hyped, over-socialized, and over-advertised world we live in.  But there are candidates on Linkedin, Twitter, websites, and job boards who don’t feel the need to cram tons of information about their experience in one place.

Other engineers do not put certain words on their resume…


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To Source, or Not to Source...


"To Source, or not to Source...that is the question:

Whether 'tis Nobler for recruiters and sourcers to suffer

The Postings and Campaigns of outrageous Recruitment life cycles,

Or to take up Sourcing against a sea of difficult Reqs,

And by sourcing fill them: to close, to fill

No more; and by close, to say we hire"

So I may have altered the soliloquy from Hamlet…


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Big Data....Big Deal??? - Sourcing Data Services


Funny Anchorman jokes aside, the reason for the picture here is because so many people talk about Big Data to the point that it's a little over-used. So why am I talking about it? Well, because technology corporations still need engineers who are constantly solving data aggregation issues that are ever increasing. And because of this, sourcers and recruiters need to understand what to…


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Beyond the Pale (Sourcing Beyond Linkedin)


As a sourcer, if you are only using one tool to find candidates, then you are severely limiting your possibilities. Don't get me wrong, Linkedin is a great sourcing tool, but it should be used in conjunction with many others. I listen to many corporate staffing managers talk…


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Why Recruiters Need to Step Up their Sourcing Game

The Problem

So this is something that I think (and hope) everyone should be doing in their power to accept, change, and implement. The landscape of recruiting today is light-years removed from the free-wheelin' early 90's, where many "old school" recruiters could take on the world with their phone, a rolodex, and maybe a Hotjobs account (with an accompanying action figure).

That time has passed, if it ever should have even…


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Recruiting a Candidate with Ruby (not slippers)


These days, everybody is looking for candidates with Ruby programming experience.  But if you are a Recruiter or Sourcer who doesn't understand what Ruby is and the many different places it can be used, you might end up selling the wrong job to the wrong person.  You also may ask the wrong questions about the things that the candidate will be working on in their job.  As a recruiter, nothing is worse that not understanding the job you are recruiting for.  The days of "I am a…


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Mobile Recruiting and Sourcing!

We are creatures that communicate via mobile constantly.  It only stands to reason that a sourcer or recruiter must be just as connected as their audience in order to identify, engage, and attract the right talent.

Micro-blogging (blogging via Twitter, IM status, Facebook status, Linkedin status, etc.) is one of the main communication methods that a lot of people use.  Because of the avalanche of information out there, certain mobile apps can be beneficial in the mobile recruiting /…


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Advanced Internet Sourcing Class - This Saturday in Campbell, CA

If you want to brush up your skills during these slower economic times, then you should take Duran HCP's Advanced Internet Sourcing Class. This is an intensive one-day class that covers all the techniques that a sourcer/recruiter needs to know.

Including search engine use, advanced Boolean search string construction, passive sourcing with social networks, blog, & technical forums, association searches, usergroup and people searches. Basically, if the resume/profile/name is out… Continue

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Silicon Valley Recruiting Roadshow

The Recruiting Roadshow is an event masterminded by John Sumser. In 1995, John started his own company Interbiznet, where he wrote a daily column on using the internet and technology for recruiting. He wrote the first book describing the internet as a sourcing and recruiting tool in 1996.

The idea for the Recruiting Roadshow was brought on by the fact that recruiting can be vastly different from one metropolitan area to the next.… Continue

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Search String Creation - New Grad Search

If you want to target new grads, there are a couple of approaches you can use. One of the best ways is to target your search using the site: operator with the type of degree you want. Let’s say we want to find computer science-degreed new grads from Berkeley. We start off looking for resumes, cv’s, bios and other profiles. You can easily do this search in Google by using the similar ( ~ ) function....Continue

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Video Interviewing - Put your candidate’s best face forward

Video Resumes, Video Cover Letters or Video Interviews - The benefits of video services like Vipe, as shown by Plugged-in Pete.

I think that these video resumes, or as I call them, “video cover letters” can be a very good initial representation of a candidate. This is the candidate’s opportunity to get their best foot forward when presenting themselves. Or I guess in this case it’s their best face forward!

Sure, they can be done over and over… Continue

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