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Why Do Insurance Co's Like Me So Much?

Not two hours after adding my resume to CareerBuilder, I received two interview requests from two large insurance companies. In past times of unemployment, insurance companies have always been the first to hit me up. Hoping you all can shed some light.




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Resume Writing Services: Attractive Nuisance or Clever Candidates?

Resume writing services will tailor a job seekers resume to make them look like the perfect candidate by optimizing it for keyword searching in an applicant tracking system. This may sound like a great investment to the candidate, but how do they affect time-to-hire or interview-to-placement ratios? These services may be able to trick the machine, but a good recruiter is not going to be fooled.

Clever Candidates

Preparing a resume is nerve racking. There are about a… Continue

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4 Awesome Facebook Apps For Recruiters and Employers

Meeting your candidates where they are is the biggest part of social recruiting these days. Syndicating your jobs to IndeedSimplyHired etc., is great, but more and more job seekers are straying away from the traditional job boards and looking to social media sites to find jobs and learn about companies they may want to work for. Here are four… Continue

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3 Things Driving Can Teach Us About Growth Management

How do you set your focus to achieve your business goals? How do you manage your growth so as to move toward a goal but still be open to other opportunities? Here are 3 things that driving a car can teach us about business development.

Don't Stare at The Road

What happens when you are driving down the… Continue

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CATS Gets Clicky

Tracking your website traffic, sources and interactions is crucial to any company that has any online presence. The more you know about where your visitors are coming from, what they searched for to find you and what they did on your site once they did find you, the better you can focus your efforts to grow your business.

The Standard

Most of you are probably familiar with… Continue

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How To: Effective Boolean Searching

A little background first, for those that are not familiar. 

Boolean searching uses the functions of Boolean algebra to deliver the most relevant results. Boolean algebra was developed by George Boole in 1854. Instead of using numbers like traditional algebra, Boolean algebra uses truth values or equivalency to deliver the results. See more on the history of Boolean algebra…


Added by Louis Bina on August 11, 2011 at 4:47pm — 16 Comments

Does Bad Credit = Dishonest Employee?

More and more industries are starting to include credit checks on all their applicants as a part of their qualification process. Does bad credit mean one is more likely to steal from the company, leave or be terminated?

A colleague of mine has been struggling with this process quite a bit recently. Not because he has poor credit, but because the company he works for will not allow him to hire, much less interview anyone whose credit is below 650. There… Continue

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3 Great Cloud Apps for Instant Collaboration

Being that CATS offers a highly collaborative cloud system, we thought it would be fun to look at some other SaaS offerings that can greatly improve communication, sharing of information and overall productivity.

“The Cloud” has already done wonders for providing a common workplace for groups of people spread across the state, country or Globe. We wanted to share a few more that we think anyone could find… Continue

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Location Counts, Even in the Cloud

What are the three most important things for start-up companies? We’ve all heard it a million times, “location, location, location”. It makes sense for any company that has a physical product or service they are offering. It wouldn’t make sense for someone to open an auto body shop in an Amish town or offer snow removal service in Florida. The idea is to reach your customers where they are, so how does the old saying apply to Cloud companies? What does it matter where you are located…


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The High Performance Conference Room


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What New Leaders Can Learn from Late-Night TV

Conan O’Brien’s move to The Tonight Show is one of the hottest topics of conversation these days. Of course, anytime some mainstay changes, people are bound to feel uncomfortable or even downright hostile. But an author at HRM Today recently posted an article on what new managers and team leaders can potentially learn from his high-profile switch. Though Conan is a bona fide… Continue

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Should Employers Know What You Post On Your Personal Sites?

According to a study by Deloitte LLP, a majority of employers feel that they have a right to know what’s being posted on personal social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. A rant or negative opinion about a company can end up damaging reputations and divulging secrets valuable to competitors. But most of us can’t help but check up on our personal sites. The most common reasoning for staying active in personal social media goes something… Continue

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Potential HR Game-Changers in 2009

Over at Human Race Horses (great name, by the way), the author lists seven people whom he predicts will change HR in 2009. Among these key players are Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis (who supports the Green Jobs Act), and Deputy Assistant Secretary of OSHA Jordan… Continue

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Should You Take Risks at Work? Yes, Yes You Should.

With all the innovation success stories and Tipping Point-esque advice swirling around corporate culture, members of any workplace have found themselves in a very specific predicament for at least the last 15 or 20 years. Namely, being caught between a rock (the much touted “Dare to take risks” attitude) and a hard place (the unspoken but definitely implied “Don’t screw up”). We all want to showcase our talent and get rewarded for it. However, it seems that the stakes and the level of ingenuity… Continue

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Sleep Deprivation and Its Effects on Team Productivity

Here’s something we can all relate to on a Monday: Bob Sutton recently wrote a post on an article from the Academy of Management Review titled “Sleep Deprivation and Decision-Making Teams: Burning the Midnight Oil or Playing with Fire?”

Staying up late for work may sometimes be a necessary evil. What this article’s research found was that, while individual sleep deprivation has been… Continue

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The Strategy of Choosing an ATS

Surprisingly, the first step to choosing an Applicant Tracking System is not actually looking at the different options out there. As brought up by the folks at Aon Consulting, the first step to implementing an ATS is looking internally to determine exactly what you need. This may take some time and effort (two things people are not usually eager to give up) but in the long run it will actually make the… Continue

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Eight Ways to Run A Meeting Effectively

In my opinion, “time-wasting” should be branded as the 8th Deadly Sin. We’ve all been in a meeting that was less than organized, that devolved into a tangent-fest, or that didn’t start on time (or worse, end on time). But how do you ensure that YOUR meetings will avoid this transgression and accomplish goals efficiently and effectively?

Recruiter Daily (along with the help of a business… Continue

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Hiring is, ironically, harder during a recession

Even though companies are laying off employees left and right, it’s still difficult for HR managers and recruiters to fill the few empty positions they do have. Why is that? As Rapleaf CEO Auren Hoffman explains in his blog Summation, it’s all about quantity versus quality. The top performers (what Hoffman calls A-Players) in a department are rarely fired; that misfortune usually falls on the… Continue

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Is Twitter a "Triumph of Humanity"?

In this article from the Business Profiles section of apple.com, Twitter is touted as a progressive, conscientious company and employer. But, as you can imagine, Apple does quite a bit of tooting its own horn. It rings a little hollow to call Twitter a “triumph of humanity” when the latter half of the article is a Mac love-fest. In the entire article, the name “Twitter” is mentioned 32 times (yes, I counted). On the other hand, “Mac”… Continue

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