3 Great Cloud Apps for Instant Collaboration

Being that CATS offers a highly collaborative cloud system, we thought it would be fun to look at some other SaaS offerings that can greatly improve communication, sharing of information and overall productivity.

“The Cloud” has already done wonders for providing a common workplace for groups of people spread across the state, country or Globe. We wanted to share a few more that we think anyone could find beneficial and we would definitely love to hear about any other cloud apps that you use to keep your team working together.

DropBox is a cloud app that allows for virtually endless sharing of files between virtually endless computers/users. Within an hour I was able to install DropBox on my laptop, my home desktop and my Blackberry. One of the things I liked best about this app is that as soon as I “share” a folder or file, it is immediately synched to all my other devices. Unlike GoogleDocs, I do not need an internet connection to remotely access files and folders! Share them once and they are available anytime. DropBox also keeps track of any action that I, or anyone I have shared my folders with, has taken. At a glance I can see who the last person to make changes was, when they did it and where they were. It is this type of activity, or “event” tracking that keeps everyone on the same page. If I need to add someone to a project, I just click Share, enter the persons email address, finish, and the new participant receives an email that I have just shared a file or folder with them.

Citrix just keeps churning out great web-based collaborative software. Here at CATS, we use GoToWebinar several times a week for our regular training sessions and demos. Our support team uses GoToAssist to better serve our customers when they need immediate, one-on-one help and to diagnose issues or problems. Citrix also offers versions of their GoTo suite for group training, infrastructure monitoring, file sharing and more. It seems no matter what industry you are in, if you use a computer, Citrix has a solution to help everyone communicate, understand and work together more efficiently.

Here is one specifically for our recruiter and Human Resource readers. How many times have you gotten through a phone screen and thought you had the ideal candidate, only to meet them and find that their skills are all on paper? Scheduling interviews and reviews between all parties can be very difficult as well and really drag the process on. With ActiveInterview, candidates can complete a predefined list of questions whenever it is convenient for them, and since the videos are then stored in a shared location, any hiring manager can log in and make their notes when they have time. There are also built in options to help screen out applicants who mass submit their resumes to any job they see. Pair this with an online applicant tracking database like CATS and cut your time to hire into fractions! If anyone has used this application I would love to hear your review. ActiveInterview follows all the standards of SaaS: free trial, pricing is based on usage and it is highly customizable.

What are some other SaaS applications that your organization uses to collaborate? Any feedback from experience with these applications?

Louis Bina is the Marketing Manager for CATS Software, Inc.

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