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Too good for job boards?

This is an article that Neil Lebovits of Dynamic Scale recently had published in The Fordyce Letter.  Neil is the former president of Ajilon Finance, one of the nations largest Accounting/Finance recruitment firms.

I cannot believe how many of my clients/followers tell me that they don’t or won’t use job boards because their clients either won’t pay for job board candidates or don’t want to see job board candidates. Many tell me with a gleeful condescension that…

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What will LinkedIn become?

LinkedIn is a dream tool (for now).  Having the ability to view up to date resumes (or profiles), being automatically notified of job changes, being connected through contacts/groups, etc. is a recruiters Nirvana.  But like anything that works, you have to work it.  However, being a public company can often times cloud decisions making them based on quarterly numbers rather then core.  Where are they going and what will they look like in 12 months? 

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Have/would you pay a "signing bonus" to a candidate to get a deal done?

I'm hearing about this more and more and would be interested to see what's going on with RBC.

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You want more business; be inflexible. That's right...I said it.

When I ran a search firm the number one conversation around the watercooler was fees; clients trying to reduce them.  They'd site competition, the economy, whatever.  My response was always the same; NO, unless there was exclusivity, volume or some other circumstance that compensated the reduction. The principle is simple: the belief that the value received from my service is far greater than the fee itself.

It goes something like this: After having a 20 minute conversation with a…


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7 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters

  1. Passion - Everyone loves and is attracted to passion.  If you're not, find another job.
  2. Planning - If you don't you will fail.
  3. Organized - You know how easy and productive your life is if you are; if you aren't...good luck.
  4. Efficiency - Use every tool available to source clients and candidates.  Your competition is and if you don't, they will win.
  5. Honesty…

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Lessons Learned from Eli Manning

2 Superbowl rings, 2 Superbowl MVP titles and mid year Giants fans wanted Eli and Coughlin gone.  How did they do it; again?

1.  Preparation - preparation makes seemingly difficult tasks look easy.

2.  Focus - Myopic focus on the task at hand results in higher probabilities of success.  Tiger Woods would always say his greatest strength is during a round he has…


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Not that I'm suprised or're not alone.

A week or two ago I wrote two similar blog posts about analytics. BY FAR, these are the most important tools for measuring your business; thus determining strong/weak points and building from there.  Not surprisingly, and not that I'm offended, two commented on one and said they do them but didn't offer any details when asked and the other had no comments at all, even though it was featured.

Perhaps because no one really does them, understands them or perhaps are afraid of the…


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All plugs are not the same, are they?

I've been a member of RBC for years now, entered as a recruiter (and still do some for select clients) and am now an executive director for a job board.  I've found this community to be one of the best on the net for straightforward, no holds barred commentary with the belief that all is designed to assist each other and help grow our businesses.

So I have a question; if you have a business that can help someone who posted a blog about a problem, situation or concern…


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How can you possibly run your business this way???

Imagine running a business where you have no idea where revenue comes from or your associated cost to generate it (AKA: expenses). Imagine running a business where you have no idea what your profit margin is? Crazy, right? Well guess what; that’s the way most of you run your business.

To be specific, most recruiters have no idea how to or chose not to use the most important tools on a regular basis, analytics to determine where business comes from and how much money is made. Now,…


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Really think about this question...and answer it.

Do you actually sit down and determine your return on investment and opportunity costs of every source you use to run your desk: ATS, job boards, directories, etc.?

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What do you expect from a Job Board?

I hear a lot of chatter from recruiters about job boards...most not so good although ironically most everyone uses one as part of their overall strategy. 


So I'm curious to hear from the respected recruitingblogs community as to what your thoughts are on job boards and what would the perfect job board include.


Your response is greatly appreciated!


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Lessons learned from Ice-T.

So I had dinner last night with Ice-T and his wife Coco (don't ask).  I have to tell you, his candor and his story is remarkable and transferable to the recruitment space.


Ice-T was born in Newark, NJ and moved to the affluent suburb of Summit when he was a child.  By the age of 7 both parents had died and he was an orphan.  He went to live with his aunt in LA and was set up in a mostly white, affluent school system.  He hated taking the bus so he went to a local gang…


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Lessons learned from the resignation of Jim Tressel

Jim Tressel was the coach for The Ohio State football program since 2001.  He brought them their first national championship in 34 years, one year into his tenure and held an unbelievable record of 106-22 during his tenure.  Translation; big money for the school, NCAA, television, etc. 


In December, five Ohio State players were found to have received cash and discounted tattoos.  However, all were permitted by the NCAA to play in the Buckeye's 31-26 victory over Arkansas in…


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It amazes me how little capital is spent on recruiting Human Capital, the most important capital of all!

  1. Viagra:  Created by an employee of Pfizer, not Pfizer.
  2. Super Glue:  Invented by an employee of Eastman Kodak, not Eastman Kodak
  3. Penicillin:  Created by an employee of St. Mary's Hospital, not St. Mary's Hospital.

I can go on but I hope by now you get the idea.  The successes of any company usually has little to do with the company and everything to do with it's employees.  Sure, employees are given resources by the company, but…


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The "Ballerina File" ain't such a bad thing!

If you don’t have a “Ballerina File” you’re losing money!


One topic that seems to be a hot button for many is the lack of qualified candidates derived from job board ads.


First, let’s be clear the role of a job board.  A job board is not the Holy Grail or a guarantee of a quick placement with little effort; neither is an ATS,, target lists, etc.  A job board is a tool and like any…


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It's Friday...Lessons learned from Rebecca Black

WARNING!  You many never look at Friday the've been warned!  If Happy Hour on Friday, dining at Fridays or anything with the word "Friday" is enjoyable for you, skip this blog entirely and by all means...don't watch the video marked Friday, especially if it's difficult to get a song out of your head!
In my last blog, lessons learned from Charlie Sheen (the premise…

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Does anyone really deliver offers, anymore?

In my 12 years recruiting I've never delivered an offer...ever!  And in my 12 years recruiting I've never had a company and a candidate arrive at the decision (commonly known as the "offer"stage) without my candidate accepting...ever!  Why?  'Cause I've never delivered an offer...ever!


I know many a recruiting trainer who preach client/candidate control.  I also know there is no such thing...however, you can control the process to a great degree and if…

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A very simple question...well, perhaps two.

I'm consistently impressed with the folks on recruitingblogs.  Specifically, the varying philosophies and methodologies that span this blog all pointing to one common goal; client satisfaction.  With this in mind I have two questions:


1)  What is the value that you, as an external recruiter offer your client - (what do they pay you for?)

2)  Do your clients give a hoot where/how you source your candidates?  Specifically, if they are impressed by your candidates but not…


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Lessons learned from Charlie Sheen

DISCLAIMER: First and foremost, I don't condone excessive partying under most circumstances and never condone domestic violence or abuse in any form so spare me the moral and judgmental responses.  I live in a glass house.


"We are all born originals - most of us die a copy" - Abraham Lincoln


Many consider Charlie Sheen a playboy, a genius, an addict, honest, an abuser, a top actor and in some circles, simply crazy.  Perhaps all may true…


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There is only one solution for the applicant communication black hole...and it involves two hands

One topic that seems to be a hot button for many is the lack of communication between applicants and employers.  Specifically, the communication (or lack there of) after an applicant submits a resume to an employer. 


When applicants submit resumes one of three basic things happen: 1) nothing, 2) an automated receipt, 3)  a call.


I won't give an automated receipt the time of simply tells the applicant nothing other than their email works.  Of course…


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