It's Friday...Lessons learned from Rebecca Black

WARNING!  You many never look at Friday the've been warned!  If Happy Hour on Friday, dining at Fridays or anything with the word "Friday" is enjoyable for you, skip this blog entirely and by all means...don't watch the video marked Friday, especially if it's difficult to get a song out of your head!
In my last blog, lessons learned from Charlie Sheen (the premise original) I took a lot of heat from the holier-than-thou pundits who despite being an original, marked Chuck as an abuser and a loser, among other things.  So, to those who live in concrete houses...fair enough...I respect others opinions.  To you I give Rebecca Black!


Some facts about Rebecca Black.  13 years old.  Musician for 6 months with no formal training.  One song.  Reached number 58 on Billboard 100. Featured on Jay Leno.  youtube sensation...making millions!  Some youtube comparisons:


Highest viewed videos by artist:

U2:  23M  With or Without You

Beatles: 17M  Here comes the Sun

Rolling Stones:  11M Angie

Springsteen: 7M  Fire

And to not necessarily show my age...Jay-Z: 91M Empire State of Mind


Rebecca Black's Friday...102M and 2 months mind you!


Here you go...Friday!

Lessons Learned From Rebecca Black:


2)  The path to success may not be obvious,

3)  If everyone goes left, you go right; sheep go left,

4)  Be Viral!

5)  It doesn't really matter what others say, it matters what they do.

6)  And, rich parents...let your kids know their limitations.


Finally, if you have Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert and Taylor Hicks cover've made it!  A must watch Sweet!

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Comment by Gillies Kleboe on April 15, 2011 at 11:43am
1) BE ORIGINAL! - Sorry this is pop crap that has been lucky! There is nothing original about this.

2) The path to success may not be obvious - I wouldn't define this as success. How many other 'hit's has she produced? Flash in the pan?

3) If everyone goes left, you go right; sheep go left, - she sounds like a sheep to me - there is an ever so slight baa noise at the end of her 'Friday' lyric

4) Be Viral! - ok - can't argue here

5) It doesn't really matter what others say, it matters what they do. - Again, good point.

6) And, rich parents...let your kids know their limitations. - Don't really know what you mean by this.
Comment by Christopher Poreda on April 15, 2011 at 11:56am

How would you define success, Gillies?  She's one of the fastest growing youtube and twitter sensations, has a top 100 song worldwide 6 months into the business, has twice as many youtube views as the next "pop" idol, been on the number 1 late night TV show and is making millions.  Sounds pretty good to me.


Comment by Paul Alfred on April 15, 2011 at 7:24pm
Christopher you know you can be Successful without being Original.
Comment by Mat von Kroeker on April 19, 2011 at 3:11pm
Sorry---  if McDonalds, American Idol and Friday are any indications, average Americans consume sensationalist. over-hyped garbage--- and have the critical sophistication capacity of an earwig.

Pffft---!  Go ahead---  dumb down your brand to appeal to the lowest common denominator.


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