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Why sourcing Facebook is totally unlike LinkedIn

Sourcing on Facebook is completely different to sourcing on LinkedIn, a Job Board or even your ATS. All those resources rely entirely on what a person says about themselves where as on Facebook you can find people based on entirely on what other people say about them.

In this video I demonstrate how to find people based on who their friend are and what photographs they may happen to be tagged in. With these two techniques I can find people who may have a very low profile anywhere on…


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Recruiters Finding Love on Facebook.

Based on a suggestion from Andy Headworth and just before St Valentines day, I've been looking at sourcing techniques for recruiters to find love. As a result I've added to my Facebook search tool to include 'Relationship Status' and 'Interested In' searches. You can now use this to find single people who like recruiters.

I can think of no practical (or legal)…


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Sourcing on Facebook

It is a surprise to me that Sourcing on Facebook is not more common. It seems that most recruiters turn first to job boards or LinkedIn or maybe even their own database before venturing further into the many other internet resources available. Perhaps these traditional routes offer low hanging fruit but we all know that valuable (Passive) candidates can be found elsewhere…


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Big Data - What it is and why you can ignore it


Big Data has been talked about at length but what is it and how can it help recruiters? Unfortunately I fear, Big Data is another one of these technical terms that have been corrupted by sales people in an effort to confuse and further corrupted by the confused, of which there are very many.

Big Data is a technical term for data sets that are so complex that they…


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Sourcing on Facebook - A new free tool

Facebook Graph Search has significantly changed and this creates fantastic opportunities for Recruiters. As everyone knows Facebook is massive, much bigger than LinkedIn or Twitter or indeed any of the other social networks so it should be a rich resource…


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Recruiting with Twitter

I really do think more recruiters should be using twitter. It is such a powerful tool to find and engage with Candidates.

Recruiters are, in my opinion, far too obsessed with CVs. When are we going to realize that this is not the only way to understand a candidate. In fact how often do you look at a CV and forget that there may actually be a living breathing person behind…


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3 ways to find people on LinkedIn (that most people don't Know)

We all know that LinkedIn is one of the most popular sources of candidates for the recruitment industry. Unfortunately for many recruiters, their client have as much or sometimes better access to search LinkedIn than they do. In this video I show 3 alternative ways to search LinkedIn and find people that may otherwise be missed. By understanding how LinkedIn works and the…


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Finding Anyone's Contact Details

It is typically the case that a recruiter will find a good potential candidate on the internet but struggles to find any way of making direct contact with them. This is often the case when finding someone on LinkedIn where their contact details are not available.

In this video I talk about a number of different ways to make contact including how to message on…


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Linkedin seem to be making changes to the Public Profiles. They have recently released paid for Premium profiles however it seems that for may profiles, free and paid for, there is now a new format b…

Linkedin seem to be making changes to the Public Profiles. They have recently released paid for Premium profiles however it seems that for may profiles, free and paid for, there is now a new format being rolled out. This has implications for Recruiters who use Google x-ray search to find profiles as the information and format is changing.

The new format is more…


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Beginners Guide to Sourcing and Social Recruitment

This is the first of a series - A beginners guide to Sourcing and Social recruitment. In this video I explain the basic concepts of Boolean Search. 

If you'd like to see other videos in this series they are freely available on my blog page Shane's Recruitment…


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Finding Keywords - A cool tool alternative to LinkedIn Skills Pages

I got this cool tool tip from Jim Stroud on using Google Drive to get alternative keywords for particular job titles and skills.


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Scrapping the internet with Outwit hub

Outwit hub has been around for a while but I thought I put together a short How To video to demonstrate how useful it is to scrape any date from the internet. In this example, I'm scrapping my Twitter followers but the same technique can be used to scrape directory sites, Google or in fact any page.

I'd be interested to hear how recruiters are using this tool and see what can be done with data found in this way.

Shane McCusker



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Auto-Posting Jobs and other stuff

I was looking at a number of ways for recruiters to automatically post jobs and other content onto Twitter, LinkedIn and all the other social channels. There are lots of ways to do this and it is really very simple to set this up. I've put together a short video demonstrating how to use the free version of Hootsuite to schedule posts and also connect to an RSS feed to do this automatically.

While I'm using Hootsuite to automate and schedule my content it is very easy to see how this…


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Recruitment is Broken

Recruitment is Broken

Many people will know Greg Savage through his blog, The Savage Truth, or indeed his illustrious career in the recruitment industry. I had the pleasure of hosting a webinar with Greg during which his…


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Searching Google Plus

In research for a webinar I ran last week Google Plus for Recruiters, I found that there are not too many useful tools to help recruiters source candidates on Google Plus. The big problem with the search within Google Plus is that there is no good way to limit your search to a specific geographic area. It would appear that the most effective way is not to use the search in Google Plus but use a Google X-Ray search. Glen…


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YouTube - How to build subscribers

I have been looking at ways to increase the number of subscriptions to my YouTube Channel. Strangely YouTube does not make it that easy to find a link that can be published on web sites to encourage people to subscribe, however with a little bit of research I’ve found this:



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Sexy SEO for Recruiters

I wanted to try an experiment to see just how fast Google can index a new Word press blog. I choose the phrase 'Sexy SEO for Recruiters' as Google was not returning any direct results for this phrase and so I could see immediately if my new page was being indexed. I created a new post on my blog page and within a few seconds Google had found the post.

This has big implications for recruiters posting vacancies onto web sites as generally you will want Google to index your own web site…


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Why Recruiters Should NOT care about The Cloud

There has been much talk about Cloud computing or SAAS recruitment software and the massive benefits for a recruitment agency to move to the Cloud. I find this quite amazing for two reasons, firstly most people I speak to aren’t really sure what this means and secondly the whole argument seems to have absolutely nothing to do with finding candidates, making placements or anything else to do with recruitment.


For the life of me I can not see what all the fuss is about, but…


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Advanced Internet sourcing for Recruiters

I regularly run free recruitment software and technology webinars and yesterdays, on Advanced Sourcing, proved more popular than most. This is a recording followed by my notes on what happened.

I wanted to convey the shear scale of the subject of recruitment sourcing while also focus on some useful techniques that can give immediate benefit. It’s really mind blowing…


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How to write a Recruiting Blog - Advice from Radical Planet

Last week I attended Radical Planet the Recruitment and HR unconference in Toronto. There was a great track on blogging and writting blogs to I took the opportunity of asking some questions on how the write a really good recruitment blog.

Steven Duque lead the blogging track at the Unconference and was recommending Tumbler as the best platform to get started. While Wordpress may be better for SEO, Tumblr is easier to use and  has better tools to allow people to share your…


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