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Employee Mental Health Survey Questions For a Disconnected Workplace

Employee mental health survey questions, nay, employee well being in general, has never been more important. We’ve learned so much about the role that social interaction plays in overall mental health in recent times. And we’re smack dab in the middle of a crisis that has accelerated a gradual societal  disconnection between people and their social support systems. 

This manifests itself at home AND in the workplace. And when the home becomes the workplace, …


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Employee Experience Metrics for a Post-Covid Workplace

As employees return to work, whether it’s on-premises or at home, the best way to understand the effect of all the organizational changes you’ve made is by establishing some employee experience metrics and gathering regular feedback.

Each minor change to the physical workplace or to work processes ripples through your employee population and will have an affect on productivity, morale, service, etc. Monitoring feedback as to how the changes affect your employees…


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Using Candidate, Manager, and Recruiter Feedback To Diagnose and Optimize Talent Acquisition Processes from Hello to Hire

Survale recently presented at the 2020 Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards Virtual Conference recently and the focus was how to optimize talent acquisition feedback.

Survale CEO Jason Moreau sat down with Workiva’s Candidate Experience Specialist Jenna Van Winkle and Dent…


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Hiring Manager Interview Performance is Key to Recruiting Experience

Your recruiting experience is only as good as your hiring managers. No matter what you do to make sure candidates are well informed with regular communication. No matter how much recruiters treat candidates with respect, just one bad interview experience can wipe it all out.

Are you measuring interview performance? Are you using candidate…


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Employment Brand and The Emperor's New Clothes

There is a great post on the LinkedIn Blog about some research they did on employer brand. You can read whole post, but here are the key findings:

  • The cost per hire is over 2 times lower for companies with strong employer brands
  • Companies with…

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Deep Dark Truthful Mirror: Your Career Site Blows

Elvis Costello said it best: "One day you're going to have to face the deep dark truthful mirror. And it's going to tell you things I still love you too much to say."

Well I don't love you at all. I don't know you, so here goes: Your career site blows.

I talk with a lot of people from a lot of corporate recruiting organizations. And when it comes to discussing their…


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The American Jobs Act, Unemployment Discrimination and Employment Brand

Online recruiting organizations: Are you ready to stop hiding from candidates?  You should be. Your brand depends on it.

With The American Job Act currently before Congress, employers…


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The Online Recruitment Underbelly


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Online Recruitment and Social Security

A great candidate experience is rooted in respect. Career sites are inviting and enthusiastic. Communications are regular and honest. Appointments are kept and interviews respect a candidate’s time. Applications respect the applicant’s time and privacy.

Why then, do so many online…


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Candidate Satisfaction: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead


Candidate Satisfaction: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead If you have not seen Joe Cross’s documentary “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead,” you have a…

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Talent Management: Are People Your Most Important Asset?

At Cytiva, we sit on a lot of facts and figures that we use in our white papers, webinars, and in generally trying to spread the word of better people practices through technology.

But they tend to exist in silos across our “marketing assets.” How’s that for jargon?

Several days ago, I got inspired to tie many of these talent management facts together to tell the larger story of how business has changed. And how leaders and people managers have to take…


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Talent Management Software "Moments of Truth"

Talent Management Moments of Truth The Cytiva TalentTalk Webinar series is a lot of fun to do. Working with our Senior Talent Management Consultant, David Freeman always enlightens me. The discussions that arise during these webinars, like all discussions that aim to examine and improve, are always eye opening and always give me new perspectives.

Some common themes that keep coming up, whether it's recruiting, onboarding or performance management, are:

  • HR Must Think Like a Marketer
  • Focus…

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Interview Strategies for Recruiting Top Performers

By David Freeman

Even though I work for an applicant tracking software provider, it’s no secret that in order to hire top performers, you need to be savvy in your interview strategy. No matter what recruiting software you use to source your candidates, your recruiting success depends on interviewing.… Continue

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Tweecruiting: How Applicant Tracking Software Users Recruit with Twitter

By Ian Alexander

We’re all drinking from the fire hose of hype surrounding Twitter, so imagine my surprise at a recent user conference when a presenter asked how… Continue

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