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Is Company Culture the Key to Beating the Tech Talent Shortage?

A large number of factors contribute to a great company culture, ranging from core values to the way your employees interact to the actual office environment. Everything that impacts the way in which your organization’s people communicate and work can influence your culture, allowing them to feel appreciated and empowered or, on the other end of the spectrum, exhausted and negative. In the midst of the current, …


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The Importance of Balancing New Technology and Legacy Technology

It’s called the “cutting-edge” for a reason. Those pushing the limits of technology face big rewards, but when they falter, the landing is not forgiving. Massive data migrations and new tech implementations are significant commitments across the board, and they don’t always go well. For this reason alone, it’s important to be selective when it…


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What Hiring Managers Must Know About IT Candidates Supply & Demand

It’s harder than ever to hire in IT, but why is that? Tech hiring managers have a lot on their plates, and it often feels more productive to forge ahead with the recruiting process than to sit and reflect on the industry numbers. However, a deeper comprehension of unemployment rates and IT candidate supply and demand will go a long way in understanding why salaries are rising and how to land elusive talent.


Understanding Unemployment Rates

Job seekers in the United…


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8 of the Best-Paying IT Jobs in Richmond

The secret is out, with technology professionals across the country discovering that Richmond is a great place for an IT career. The area’s low cost of living combined with opportunities for both personal and professional growth have made it a magnet for tech talent skilled in various specialties within the industry. The following roles are not just the…


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Why Healthcare IT Jobs Will Impact Your Tech Career

Tech innovations are changing careers in nearly every industry. The healthcare field is no different, as many hospitals, insurance companies, and related organizations scramble to hire tech talent like never before. When reports indicate that the healthcare system …


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Why Richmond is a Great Place for Your IT Career

As someone working in IT, there’s a lot you already know about how great an industry it is. Tech skills are in hot demand across the country, and you likely have many choices on how you’d like to grow your career from here. Faced with an abundance of opportunities, the question then becomes: where should you live and work next? One city near the Eastern Seaboard has the…


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Are You Ready to Implement Your Business Intelligence Strategy?

Every so often a trend comes along in the tech world that promises unprecedented improvements in productivity and cost savings. While some like Agile Project Management deliver on their promises, others are destined to be forgotten six months later. When…


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Why Your Next IT Job Could be in Finance

As technology continues to rapidly advance and transform the world, the strong demand for talent that can develop, program, and maintain new tech will continue to rise. However, it’s not just tech startups or huge software companies that are pursuing top tech candidates. Recent innovations in the finance industry have amplified the demand for tech workers, with…


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The Cybersecurity Trends Impacting IT Hiring

In 2017, it’s no longer a question of if a hacker will make an attempt on your business, but when. Cyberattacks have been making bigger and more frequent headlines, and it has sparked more organizations to increase their cybersecurity efforts. Unfortunately, the …


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Are IT Certifications Worth it?

It’s become an age-old question for IT professionals across the country. At conferences, in email inboxes, and through conversations with peers, the topic of how to further one’s technical skill set is practically inescapable. The mentality has become so ingrained into tech culture that …


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How to Successfully Adopt Agile Project Management Methodology

When it comes to buzzwords in IT project management, none have resonated as strongly as the phrase Agile Project Management. This variety of management features dedicated roles that are focused on fewer projects in order to increase speed, flexibility, and continuous improvement. Several sprints, or short 2-4 week increments of rapid product development, are…


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