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Traineeship vs Apprenticeship: Which one is best for you?

These are difficult times for employers and apprentices, with economic forecasts for this year estimating our economy shrinking by 9.2 per cent, unemployment has risen and could increase two-fold to over 10 per cent. Covid-19 has had a significant impact on apprentice recruitment, with the pandemic affecting young people’s employment prospects disproportionately. According to research of 304…


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The Best Careers That Keep You Learning

It wouldn’t be unfair to suggest we’re all after something a little extra from our job — other than, of course, extra office hours.

Whether it’s more responsibility or more room to roam, financial improvement or fulfilment, the more we can get out of our day-to-day job, the better! There’s no wonder we want something to keep us interested in our jobs, particularly when we spend 40 hours a week there on average.

It has been proposed that the perfect job involves working beyond…


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Getting a foot in the door in the catering industry

Statistics show that one third of people who work in the catering industry do it because they’re passionate about food. But, what makes this industry an attractive one to work in and what is recruitment currently like in the sector?

We’ve teamed up with the Seaton Lane Inn, a modern country pub which offers accommodation in Seaham to find out more:

Catering – an attractive…


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What steps do you need to take for a career in hotel management?

Hotel management is an extremely people orientated career, in which you can make the difference to both the customer and staff at your venue. Ensuring the smooth day-today running of an establishment is only a one aspect within this challenging yet rewarding role. If you are prepared to go the extra mile and make a difference for your customers, then follow this useful career guide to help you get into the hotel management…


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How to prepare for a virtual interview

The phrase ‘unprecedent times’ is something we are all, surely, fully aware of by this stage.

Ever since President Trump began asking people to stay at home at the end of March, paving a way for us all was this form of new norm.

The closure of gyms meant millions started to exploit the benefits of home workout videos from YouTube, while the curbs on general life meant out of home socializing was no longer an opportunity. The power of video conferencing began to be utilized far…


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How to get a career in the electricity networks sector

The electricity network sector is meeting a constant demand for power, with a workforce that is ever-growing. A reliable supply of electricity is the backbone of almost all commercial industries, so distribution must be efficient and secure. 

There are a wide range of careers in the sector especially for those with a strong understanding or interest in electrical systems, and problem-solving skills. Also, the industry is…


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How to make yourself employable after graduation

Thinking about life after university can be daunting. Many students worry about making themselves employable during and immediately after their courses, but a lot don’t know what they need to consider and how to use their time effectively 


Need advice on boosting your…


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How to choose the right university course

Applying to university can be an exciting time — starting the next stage of your life and shaping your future so you can pursue a career you’re both interested in and good at. Some of us apply to university later in life, with a 15 per cent growth shown in UK students over the age of 35 last year. But what about those of us who’re not exactly sure what careers are out there or that are right for…


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Careers in the catering industry

Only one third of people have admitted that they only work in the catering industry because they are passionate about the sector. But, what makes this industry an attractive one to work in and what is recruitment currently like in the sector?

What is the main appeal?

A career in catering can work out brilliantly for many people. It can bring flexible working hours, job security and an attractive salary. Many…


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Technology is the future of education

The education methods that most of us will be familiar with are long gone from many classrooms across the nation, making way for smarter, technologically informed approaches. In fact, the UK government has recently confirmed an investment of £10m to advance upon existing technology measures in our schools. So, how will this change the nature of education, and what kind of new innovations will become commonplace in the classroom? Let’s explore what the future may hold for…


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The impacts and costs of presenteeism

While many people in business might have heard of absenteeism, its counterpart presenteeism is perhaps becoming a bigger issue when it comes to employee productivity. Presenteeism might seem like a positive action – ‘the practice of being present at the place of work for more hours than is required’, but it is most commonly associated with insecurity from the employee towards their role. So, with some help from…


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A guide to changing career Later in Life

It might be somewhat of a harsh reality but instead of celebrating your 50th birthday with similar celebrations of retirement and bowing out of work, chances are you’re going to be facing another decade or two of graft.

With state pension boundaries continually rising, many of the independents in modern Britain are going to be facing a retirement age closer to 80 than 50. Reaching those oh-so sought-after twilight years might seem like a lifetime away when you consider…


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How to use a recruitment agency to your advantage

The beginning of the year saw the UK hit the lowest rate of unemployment in 44 years. The director of the Jobs Economist consultancy, John Philpott stated in an interview with the Guardian that, “Nobody seems to have told the labour market about the mood of Brexit-related economic uncertainty which has gripped the UK since last autumn.”

220,000 people entered the UK workforce between December 2018 and January 2019 which contributed to a record high employment total…


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